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Diablo 3 Season 29: The Best Build To Use

Diablo 3’s latest season is going to be its last major one, but it’s going out with a bang.

Subsequent seasons will go out on a rotation basis, but Season 29’s Visions of Enmity will feature new content and mechanics. Reworked Legendaries, new portals popping out during Adventure Mode on the game’s overworld, and a lot more rewards exclusive if you play the game now; it’s all here.

Here are the best classes to use; the ones that’s easy to build before you start experimenting with better ones.



Demon Hunter


As we all know, this set armour class and build went through a huge rework in Season 28. We covered this build in our Best Builds for Season 28, but this season there’s just a few small tweaks! The build combines Spike Trap as a powerful nuke ability with Caltrops for utility.


LMB- Evasive Fire (Hardened)
RMB- Spike Trap (Custom Trigger)
1- Vault (Tumble)
2- Caltrops (Hooked Spines)
3- Smokescreen (Displacement)
4- Vengeance (Dark Heart)

Passives: Custom Engineering, Numbing Traps, Cull The Weak, Ambush
Kanai’s Cube: Chanon Bolter, Trag’Oul Coils, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armour & Set: Natalya’s Sight (Flawless Royal Topaz), Natalya’s Touch, Aughild’s Power (craft), Natalya’s Embrace (3x Flawless Royal Diamond), Captain Crimson’s Thrust (2x Flawless Royal Diamond), Natalya’s Bloody Footprint,  Aughild’s Search (craft),   Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle

Weapon: Dawn (Flawless Royal Emerald), The Demon’s Demise (Flawless Royal Emerald)

Amulet/Ring: Natalya’s Reflection (Bane of the Trapped), Convention of Elements (Zei’s Stone of Vengeance), Squirt’s Necklace (Bane of the Stricken)




The Legacy of Raekor set was reworked in Season 26. This build revolves around Area Damage (AD), as both Boulder Toss and the procs from The Legacy of Raekor (6) Bonus have the potential to trigger it. The Legacy of Raekor set lacks any form of damage reduction, making this build inherently susceptible to damage.


LMB- Ancient Spear (Boulder Toss)
RMB- Furious Charge (Set and equipment will give you all Runes)
1- Weapon Throw (Balanced Weapon)
2- Battle Rage (Bloodshed)
3- War Cry (Veteran’s Warning)
4- Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity)

Passives: Relentless, Boon of Bul-Kathos, No Escape
Kanai’s Cube: The Furnace, Ancient Parthan Defenders, Ring of Royal Grandeur



Armour & Set: Raekor’s Will (Flawless Royal Diamond), Raekor’s Wraps, Raekor’s Burden, Raekor’s Heart (Flawless Royal Diamond), Raekor’s Breeches (Flawless Royal Diamond), Captain Crimson’s Thrust (Crafted), Raekor’s Striders, Captain Crimson’s Waders (Crafted), Skular’s Salvation (Cubed), Ancient Parthan Defenders, Nemesis Bracers, Captain Crimson’s Silk (Crafted) Girdle (Crafted)

Weapon: The Three Hundredth Spear, The Furnace (Cubed), Messerschmidt’s Reaver (Cubed) (3x Ramaladni’s Gift), Arreat’s Law, Stormshield (Tanky Setup), In-geom (Cubed) (3x Ramaladni’s Gift)

Amulet/Ring: Band of Might, Convention of Elements (Cubed), The Compass Rose, Ring of Royal Grandeur (Bounties A1Cubed), The Traveler’s Pledge, Squirt’s Necklace



The Masquerade of the Burning Carnival build made its debut in Season 21. Initially, despite its impressive (6) Bonus, it didn’t gain much popularity because other Necromancer builds took the spotlight. Unlike many other Necromancer builds, Bone Spear doesn’t involve any unexpected waits for crucial cooldowns. It’s a relatively straightforward yet enjoyable and powerful build with an active, fast-paced playstyle.


LMB- Punch
RMB- Bone Spear
1- Blood Rush (Potency)
2 –
3 – Simulacrum (Blood & Bone)
4 – Bone Armor (Dislocation)

Passives: Final Service, Stand Alone
Kanai’s Cube: Maltorius’ Petrified Spike, Krysbin’s Sentence


Armor & Set: LLuxurious Bauta, Guardian’s Gaze (Crafted) (Flawless Royal Diamond), Lavishing Gloves, Glamorous Gigot, Sophisticated Vest (Flawless Royal Topaz), Elegant Pants (Flawless Royal Topaz), Extravagant Shoes, Steuart’s Greaves (Cubed), Gelmindor’s Marrow Guards, Nemesis Bracers, Guardian’s Aversion (Crafted), Dayntee’s Binding, Guardian’s Case (Crafted)
Weapons: Scythe of the Cycle, In-geom, Maltorius’ Petrified Spike (Cubed) (Ramaladni’s Gift), Lost Time (Any Legendary Phylactery)
Amulet/Rings: Krysbin’s Sentence, Ring of Royal Grandeur (CubedA1 Bounties),Convention of Elements, Rechel’s Ring of Larceny, Haunted Visions


Witch Doctor



LMB – Locust Swarm
RMB – Spirit Barrage
1 – Soul Harvest (Languish)
2 – Spirit Walk
3 –
4 –

Passives: Confidence Ritual, Grave Injustice
Kanai’s Cube: Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armor & Set: Mundunugu’s Headdress (Flawless Royal Diamond), Mundunugu’s Rhythm, Frostburn (Cubed), Mundunugu’s Descendant, Homing Pads, Mundunugu’s Robe, Aquila Cuirass (Cubed) (Flawless Royal Ruby), Mundunugu’s Decoration, Captain Crimson’s Thrust (Crafted), Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan (Flawless Royal Ruby), Mundunugu’s Dance, Captain Crimson’s Waders (Crafted),Lakumba’s Ornament, Nemesis Bracers, Warzechian Armguards (Cubed), Guardian’s Aversion (Crafted), Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle (Crafted), Guardian’s Case (Crafted), Goldwrap, Krelm’s Buff Belt
Weapons: The Barber, Sacred Harvester, Voo’s Juicer Echoing Fury (Cubed), In-geom (Cubed) (Ramaladni’s Gift), Gazing Demise, Shukrani’s Triumph
Amulet/Rings: Ring of Emptiness, Ring of Royal Grandeur (A1 BountiesCubed), Avarice Band (A3 Bounties), The Compass Rose, Convention of Elements, Rechel’s Ring of Larceny, The Traveler’s Pledge, Squirt’s Necklace, The Flavor of Time



Tal Rasha’s Elements Set is a famous Wizard set in Diablo, first seen in Diablo II. It has shaped the game’s strategies multiple times, like in Season 3 with a powerful Flame Blades setup. It returned in Season 6 with Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Bonus, part of the Archon Twister META. This setup is dynamic and offers a satisfying explosion-filled experience when executed correctly. It captures the essence of a spell-slinging Wizard like few other builds.


LMB – Magic Weapon (Deflection)
RMB – Meteor (Comet)
1 – Black Hole (Absolute Zero)
2 – Familiar (Spark Flint)
3 – Teleport (Calamity)
4 – Storm Armor (Power of the Storm)

Passives: Power Hungry, Elemental Exposure, Blur, Galvanizing Ward
Kanai’s Cube: The Smoldering Core, Mempo of Twilight, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armor & Set: Mempo of Twilight, Tal Rasha’s Guise of Wisdom, Aughild’s Spike (Crafted), Guardian’s Gaze (Crafted) (Flawless Royal Topaz), Tal Rasha’s Grasp, Pauldrons of the Skeleton King (Bounties A1), Aughild’s Power (Crafted), Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit (Flawless Royal Topaz), Tal Rasha’s Stride (Flawless Royal Topaz), Nilfur’s Boast, Guardian’s Aversion (Crafted), Aughild’s Search (Crafted), Tal Rasha’s Brace, Guardian’s Case (Crafted), The Shame of Delsere (Cubed)
Weapons: The Grand Vizier, The Smoldering Core (Cubed), Tal Rasha’s Unwavering Glare
Amulet/Rings: Halo of Karini, Convention of Elements, Ring of Royal Grandeur (Bounties A1, Cubed), Tal Rasha’s Allegiance, Squirt’s Necklace




The Akkhan Condemn Crusader build has been around since Season 1, centered around Frydehr’s Wrath. It was once the top choice for solo XP farming but lost its edge in T16 unless you had top-notch gear and high Paragon levels.

Season 27 revamped Akkhan, making it a set tailored for Condemn. The build now also incorporates Phalanx, although the avatars themselves don’t deal damage; they’re there to trigger Condemns and reduce Akarat’s Champion cooldown. This means you can unleash nearly a hundred explosions per second, a huge leap from the previous 5-6. Overall, while the build received a significant boost and can handle various tasks decently, it excels primarily in Solo Pushing.

LMB – Judgement
RMB – Punch
1 – Phalanx (Bowmen)
2 –
3 – Laws of Valor (Unstoppable Force)
4 – Akaret’s Champion (Prophet)

Passives: Heavenly Strength, Long Arm of the Law, Finery
Kanai’s Cube: Frydehr’s Wrath, Ring of Royal Grandeur


Armor & Set: Helm of Akkhan, Aughild’s Spike (Crafted), Guardian’s Gaze (Crafted), Pride’s Fall (A3 Bounties) (Flawless Royal Diamond), Gauntlets of Akkhan, Stone Gauntlets, Tasker and Theo (Cubed), Pauldrons of Akkhan, Aughild’s Power (Crafted), Breastplate of Akkhan, Aughild’s Rule (Crafted) (Flawless Royal Diamond), Cuisses of Akkhan, Captain Crimson’s Thrust (Crafted), Cain’s Habit (Crafted) (Flawless Royal Diamond), Sabatons of Akkhan, Captain Crimson’s Waders (Crafted), Cain’s Travelers (Crafted), Strongarm Bracers, Nemesis Bracers, Warzechian Armguards, Aughild’s Search (Crafted), Guardian’s Aversion (Crafted), Captain Crimson’s Silk Girdle (Crafted), Guardian’s Case (Crafted)
Weapons: Blade of Prophecy, Baleful Remnant, In-geom (Cubed) (Ramaladni’s Gift), Frydehr’s Wrath (Cubed), Unrelenting Phalanx
Amulet/Rings: The Compass Rose, Convention of Elements, Focus, Restraint, Rechel’s Ring of Larceny, Avarice Band (A3 Bounties), Ring of Royal Grandeur (A1 Bounties, Cubed), Stone of Jordan, The Traveler’s Pledge, Squirt’s Necklace, Talisman of Akkhan

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