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Guilty Gear Strive Major Updates To Be Out This December: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // After Panda Global's Official Statement About The Smash World Tour Cancellation., 80% Of Its Fighting Game Team Resigned: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // DNF Duel Teases New Spectre Character; Coming To Switch Next Year: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
A BioShock Movie Is In The Works At Netflix

Netflix has officially announced a live-action movie adaptation of 2007's BioShock. The announcement tweet doesn't reveal any details, besides the fact that Netflix, 2K and Take-Two Interactive will be working together to produce the film. BioShock was originally released in 2007 as a first-person immersive sim. Set in an underwater city called ...

Video Game Voice Actor Troy Baker Partners With NFT Company; Gets Slammed Online

Troy Baker, a prolific video game voice actor who isn't known for his humility, is throwing his hat into the NFT ring. He is partnering with company Voiceverse NFT to probably get other people to buy digital receipts that comprise of customized digital artworks in his likeness, probably. Keep in mind that Voiceverse is the first company to creat...

Take-Two Buys Zynga, The Company Who Plagued Facebook With FarmVille & Slot Machine Games

Take-Two Interactive, a company known for just relying on its cash cow Grand Theft Auto Online for too darn long that it forgot how to publish remastered GTA games, is using all its fat stacks to buy Zynga. The Facebook game-savvy developer will be bought for US$12.7 billion. The acquisition is going to happen close during the first quarter of T...

[Report] Ken Levine’s Ghost Story Team Trapped In Development Hell

It seems as if the creator of Bioshock and his team is nowhere close to releasing a game at all, despite having so many years of operating since 2014. According to reports from Bloomberg (via Kotaku), Ken Levine's small game studio Ghost Story Games is in a state of perpetual development hell due to the founder himself. The studio was meant to b...

[Rumour] The Next Bioshock Game Will Take Place In The Antarctic

While publisher 2K Games has confirmed a new Bioshock game is in the works, everything else from gameplay and its setting is still a mystery. Thanks to the rumour mill, the latter may be set in stone. Colin Moriarty of Last Stand Media said on his podcast series that the game will take place in the 1960s in an Antarctic city called Borealis. "[...

Take-Two Is Working On Three Unannounced Remakes & Remasters

Take-Two's Q1 earnings reveal for its 2022 fiscal year shared some highlights about its portfolio. This includes "New Iterations of Previously Released Titles". The company is planning on making remakes and remastered ports of its older games. These include: Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S A standalone Grand Theft Auto Onl...

Ever Wonder What Bioshock’s Big Daddy Looks Like Under The Helmet?

One of life's greatest mysteries has been answered. If you ever wondered how Bioshock's iconic antagonist, the Big Daddy, looks like behind the diver helmet, let this Twitter post reveal all. Warning: it's pretty outrageous and horrible. https://twitter.com/ultrabrilliant/status/1412321944867909632?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7C...

BioShock Infinite Could Have Been Much More, Were It Not For Ken Levine

While I enjoyed BioShock Infinite when it came out back in 2013, there was a lot amiss. For instance, all those extra gameplay features & content about alternate realities and making hard choices in an open-world setting shown in past gameplay trailers of the game were all cut in the final version. Why is that? According to a book called Pre...

BioShock 4 Job Listings Hint At Open World & RPG Sidequests

We previously reported back near the end of 2019 that 2K Games' Cloud Chamber is actively working on a new BioShock game. However, we also said that the game would be at least several years away and no new information has come to light, until now. Recently, the developer has listed several new job positions on its official website. The job descr...

Video Game’s Best Monsters & Fiends

Happy Halloween 2022, everyone! While this year hasn't been the best for outdoor activities and offline partying, there's still cause for celebration for the spookiest time of the month. We've done our scariest moments in gaming history and our top Castlevania picks already, so what's next? Monsters, duh! These are our favour...

Celebrating Video Games’ “Best” Socialites

There are just days where you just want to punch a rich snob in the face. Video games offer plenty of these archetypes. Just like Nazis and zombies, the rich bastards and bitches are perfect cannon fodder and also a great go-to villain for your possibly anti-authority action or RPG title. To "celebrate" the recent addition to Astro Awani's quali...

Ratings Board Leak Reveals BioShock Collection For Nintendo Switch

We might be getting a new BioShock game but probably not anytime soon. If you haven't played the first three games, it's never too late. They're splendid games with amazing atmosphere. For you Nintendo Switch owners, a treat is coming your way. The Taiwanese game rating board website has published an entry for BioShock: The Collection for the Ni...

[Report] We’re Getting A BioShock Sequel, I Guess…

So yeah, we're getting a BioShock 4,  a sequel to a game that wasn't supposed to have direct sequels to begin because of the way part 1 and BioShock Infinite was written. Moving on: so there's a bit of evidence concerning that BioShock rumour via 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive's quarterly earnings  report last week. The latter's CEO Strau...

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