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VA-11 HALL-A Best Bartender Girl Is Immortalized In Nendoroid Form: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Shenmue Anime Cancelled: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Magic: The Gathering Now Features Optimus Prime & Transformers: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Borderlands 3 Producer Believes Other Looter Shooters Should Take More Ideas From Borderlands

In a recent interview with PCGamesN, Borderlands 3 producer Chris Brock spoke a bit about the comparisons between Borderlands 3 and other looter shooters that have been released since the last main Borderlands game. Not counting Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the last game was released 7 years ago. During that time, games like Destiny and The Divisi...

Take-Two Sent Investigators To YouTuber’s House Due To Alleged Borderlands 3 Leaks

It's really no secret that Borderlands 3 is a big deal for 2K Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive; after all, it sold a ton of copies since its 3-month revival via the Commander Lilith "free" DLC. It's so big that the company isn't taking chances on future leaks, to the point where they issued YouTube copyright strikes followed by investi...

Borderlands Series Sold Over 5 Million Units For The Past Three Months

Thanks to the hype generated by the upcoming Borderlands sequel and remasters of past games, the series has been facing a recent windfall as of late. Within 3 months, the game has garnered over 5 million unit sales. Publisher Take-Two said the Borderlands series has shipped over 48 million units over its lifetime, announcing the news as part of ...

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hits 25 Million Copies; More Online Content Coming

Take-Two Interactive has just released their latest quarterly earnings report and everything is looking good for the company which isn't too surprising since they publish big titles like Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, the Borderlands series, and more. According to the report (dating up to 30 June 2019), Red Dead Redemption 2 has shippe...

How Borderlands 3 Plans To Make Multiplayer More Accessible

Yes, you can play Borderlands 3 by your lonesome self when it's out 13th September, but why would you? A four-person group that slays together, gets tons of loot together. Gearbox Software plans to enhance co-op with new features and even more accessibility, according to a panel they chaired at Guardian Con. These include: Level syncing, which l...

Tiny Tina’s Not-So-Tiny In Latest Borderlands 3 Cosplay Guide

Everybody who played the heck out of Borderlands 2 remembers demolitions expert Tiny Tina, a precocious kid with a wild imagination and is charmingly voiced by one Ashly Burch (now an anime dub seiyuu). Fans now get to see her in full view in the latest cosplay guides released by Gearbox. Check them out below. Note the Roland tattoo on her arm, a ...

You Can Thank Battleborn For Making Borderlands 3 “Great”

Fans of the franchise have a certain hero shooter game to thank for Borderlands 3, and no, it's not Overwatch. It's actually Borderlands developer Gearbox Software's very own 2016 title, Battleborn, which fizzled out and was overshadowed by Blizzard's success with Overwatch. In an interview with Metro UK, Borderlands 3 art director Scott Kester di...

Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes & VIP Codes: Here’s How They Work

It's official: SHiFT codes will make their return in Borderlands 3. The codes that gave us rare pink and energy-based loot in Borderlands 2 will be back. If you want the really rare and special guns the easy way, there's no better way than with SHiFT codes. We've got the lowdown of how SHiFT codes and VIP codes work in part 3 via E3 2019. Let's br...

Borderlands 3’s Moze The Gunner’s Skill Tree Revealed; Features Mechs & Mags

So far in Borderlands 3, we have Amara the Siren and Zane the Operative's skill trees all detailed so you can start building your soldier of death in the upcoming loot-and-shoot game. Thanks to videos from Joltzdude139 and Ki11er Six, who happen to do a lot of Borderlands-related homework, we now have the lowdown on the next Vault Hunter, Moze (...

We’re Getting Borderlands 2 DLC That Ties Into Borderlands 3

Update: it's confirmed. This DLC is available for Borderlands 2 Handsome Collection owners for free from now until 9th July. The DLC will then cost you US$14.99.  There's still some life left in that 7-year old Borderlands 2 engine, if this leak is of any indication. According to a recent tweet from RobotBrush, the game will be getting a new p...

Former Borderlands Claptrap Voice Actor Was Physically Assaulted By Gearbox CEO Back In 2017

Borderlands 3 is the gift that keeps on giving, whether it's new gameplay impressions or drama behind the scenes with Gearbox and its employees. The latest one involves former Claptrap voice actor David Eddings, who has accused its CEO Randy Pitchford for physical assault back in 2017 in the lobby of the Marriot Marquis hotel in San Francisco, dur...

Here’s Why Claptrap Sounds A Little Different In Borderlands 3

If you watched the Borderlands 3 gameplay premiere a few days ago, you notice that Borderlands robot mascot Claptrap sounds a little different. That's because he's played by a different actor; specifically a guy named Jim Foronda. The original voice actor for the bot, David Eddings, was replaced due to a pay dispute. https://twitter.com/davideddi...

14 Things We Learned In Borderlands 3’s Gameplay Premiere [Update]

After checking out that sweet Borderlands 3 gameplay during the Gearbox Software event, it's safe to say that loot-and-shoot fans will have a heckaton of fun with the game when it's out 13 September. So what's new and what's welcome? What can we expect from this co-op shooter? A lot, actually. Let's break it down. You're dealing with an all-new th...

Borderlands 3 Will Have 25 Times More Gun Sounds Than Part 2

As touted on its reveal trailer, the upcoming loot-and-shoot action RPG Borderlands 3 will have 45 bajillion guns (or more), which includes guns that cut down enemies while insulting their pride, guns that fire volcanoes, and guns that deal radiation damage. Said guns will be noisy, and according to Gearbox Software senior sound designer Joshua Dav...

Borderlands 2 Is Back In Steam’s Recent Top 5 Most-Played Games

Let it be said that a simple announcement of a new Borderlands game can make players and fans feel super-nostalgic. At least for those who owned the PC version of Borderlands 2. It seems that there's a resurgence in the 2012 sequel, as it's now one of the top 5 most-played games on Steam. The other games are CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, and Warframe. Acc...

Borderlands 3 Co-Op Partners Won’t Have To Compete For Loot This Time

Ever since Gearbox Software announced Borderlands 3 around two weeks ago, fans have been hungry for every new detail or piece of information. It's going to be the first mainline current-gen title in the franchise after all, and expectations are riding high. In a recent post on PlayStation Blog, Gearbox Software Art Director Scott Kester revealed s...

Playing The Up-Rezzed Borderlands Reminds Me Of A More Innocent Time

I've spent hours traipsing through the cold bits of Pandora yet again since 10 years ago, gunning down heavy-shielded Vault protectors and Crimson Lance soldiers of varying bad-assness in glorious 4K and Ultra graphic settings. And then it just dawned onto me; I didn't turn on my network settings in-game. Within 10 years, the loot-and-shoot genre t...

Earn Free Loot From The Borderlands 3 Vault Insider Program

2K Games and Gearbox Software have announced the Borderlands 3 VIP Vault Insiders Program; a new rewards system for gamers. It looks like the developer is going the extra mile to celebrate not only the upcoming release of the highly-anticipated Borderlands 3 but also the fact that this year is the franchise's 10-year anniversary. With the Vault In...

[Report] Borderlands 3 To Be Epic Store Exclusive, Release Date & Cover Leaked

It's barely been a week since Gearbox Software officially announced Borderlands 3 at PAX East, but we might already know when it'll be coming out. Recent tweets posted by the official Borderlands Twitter account may have leaked the game's release date prematurely, though the original post has since been deleted. Thanks to Twitter user Wario64, her...

We Break Down The First-Ever Borderlands 3(?) Teaser [Update]

Can't wait for the next Borderlands game to satiate your loot-and-shoot action RPG cravings? Me neither; we brought it up time and again. About time Gearbox released something official a few days before their PAX East showcase. Check out the full teaser below: https://youtu.be/LkHNbsQMxPI My Observations & Best Guesses So Far The video in ...

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