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Sega Fans Are Getting Their Own HD Retro Console Next Year

Analogue, the makers of the Super Nt, has announced its latest project for Sega Megadrive fans like yours truly: the Mega Sg.

This HD Sega-tailored console will be able to play every game from the Sega Genesis, Megadrive, and Master System. It will also be able to output video from these titles in 1080p with zero latency whatsoever. How soon can you get this bad boy and for how much? Try April 2019 and US$190.

Just like the Super Nt, it doesn’t come with pre-installed games so you’ll have to shop/hunt for the old games yourself. Think of this console as a recreation of the original hardware but with 1080p-enabled outputting. Analogue itself stressed that it’s a company that makes enthusiast products for an enthusiast audience. Kinda like how there are still record players being made in this day and age for vinyl collectors and hardcore music enthusiasts.


Here are more Mega Sg tidbits in point form:

The Mega Sg use FPGA (field-programmable gate array) technology to mimic everything the original console hardware was doing. It’s definitely no emulation, which means no lag and the pixels/sounds are in better shape than what you’ll find in other third-party retro consoles.

The Mega Sg also has an edge connector that can plug directly into a Sega/Mega CD so that games from both can output in 1080p as well. Analogue plans to release additional adapters (US$10 each) for the rest of Sega’s pre-Saturn hardware like the Game Gear and Mark III.

Analogue said the Mega Sg’s increased quality is noticeable in the sound department. The new retro console recreation of the Megadrive’s YM2612 sound chip will be in 48KHz 16-bit stereo and will sound better than the originals. Fuller, warmer, and clearer; so they say.

Is US$190 enough to justify buying a standalone retro Megadrive console to complement your Sega collection? Let us know either on this post or on Facebook. Meanwhile, check out the gameplay of some Sega classics on the Mega Sg.

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