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Update 1: 4th Feb 2019:

The rumors are true and we have a Respawn battle royale game coming our way.

The rumors flying about of the game has finally been addressed as Respawn’s CEO, Vince Zampella took it to Twitter to confirm of its existence and its drop date.

This followed a slew of timed tweets from several prominent battle royale streamers who revealed that they’ve been testing the said game recently in Los Angeles. Well known battle royale streamers including Shroud and Dr Disrespect had a go at Apex Legends last Thursday and have possibly revealed that the game may be playable to all as early as Monday (Tuesday in Asian timing).

Our thoughts of this? Hey man, bring more quality battle royale games! Not a fan of the genre at the start, we’ve been hooked to it since Black Ops IIII’s Blackout hit the scene. We played a ton of Titanfall and its sequel so we have high hopes with Apex Legends. While the absence of them titans may put a dampener on the whole thing, the fact that Respawn’s criminally underrated IP lives on – regardless if it’s in battle royale form.

We know how we’d be spending our Chinese New Year day off.

Original Post on Sunday, 3rd Feb 2019:

If you’re taken aback by the sheer absurdity of that title, rest assured that you’re not alone. According to several sources and leaks most notably TheQuartering and Slasher, Titanfall 2 developers Respawn will be releasing a free to play battle royale which is set game in the Titanfall universe yet missing the titans.

This ‘rumor’ is further enforced by Slasher’s affirmation that the game is set to release on February 4th on all three main platforms; PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In a string of tweets accompanying the first, Breslau added that the game which will be called Apex Legends to feature abilities, run on a map a with significantly smaller player cap compared to other battle royale games and powered by a modified version of Valve’s Source engine.

And since this is EA we are talking about (in case you missed it, Respawn was acquired by Electronic Arts last year) , yes, there will be micro-transactions which will be more cosmetic-based, similar to what Blizzard is doing with Overwatch.

Our thoughts? Heck, we are stoked. We played a ton of both Titanfall games and we truly believed that this franchise has been criminally overlooked and underrated despite its brilliance.

We sincerely hope these rumors are true and that we are set to get all, if not, most of the traversal aspects seen in Titanfall in Apex Legends. Imagine zipping across the map to rotate around the shrinking circle (or whatever play area shape they are going to implement).

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[…] So, the rumours were true, and here we are, with a fresh battle royale shooter from Respawn Entertainment epically titled Apex Legends available to download right now on Origin for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. […]

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