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The games industry is gearing up for its next gaming generation, and details are starting to leak all the time. The latest is that VR for the next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett might be in the works.

As spotted by Twitter user @WalkingCat (via GamesRadar), Microsoft filed two US patents for a set of VR accessories, which includes a boundary mat, stylus, and pair of motion controllers. These are dated March 2018 but have now only been made available for public viewing at the FreePatentsOnline website.

The patent describes both a “six-degrees-of-freedom input device” and “virtual reality floor mat activity region”. The images in the patent documents look like what seems to be not only a boundary mat, stylus, and set of motion controllers for VR, but also a VR headset and Xbox Kinect camera too.

Xbox Scarlett VR 1

Xbox Scarlett VR 2

While all this doesn’t necessarily mean that VR is in any way confirmed for Xbox Project Scarlett, it’s still potentially possible, despite VR not having caught on all that well in the current games generation. These tech gimmicks usually fizzle out and don’t last more than a generation, so it’s understandable if none of these VR patents even developed past R&D.

Xbox Project Scarlett is already slated for a holiday 2020 release, so we’ll likely learn a lot more about the console next year.


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