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Censors Cut Same-Sex Kiss From The Rise Of Skywalker In Several Markets

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker is the first film in the franchise’s 42-year history to feature LGBT representation in the form of a same-sex kiss between two women. There are spoilers ahead, so keep in mind for those who haven’t watched the movie, which was released just last week.




The authorities in several countries have decided to cut the aforementioned same-sex kiss in Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker, despite it being only a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment at the end of the movie. These countries include the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo Lifestyle, respectively.

Even in Malaysia, many have claimed that the same-sex kiss in question has also been cut by the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia for screenings here. I attest to that as well, as I realised some choppy editing at the very end of the movie and the lack of a same-sex kiss, which means that it likely has been cut.

In Singapore and Malaysia, the same-sex kiss in Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker was probably cut in order to grant the movie a PG-13 classification. LGBT content will turn that into a higher rating, usually 18+ and above, which means that younger audiences won’t be able to watch the movie.

This was confirmed for Singapore. In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, a spokesperson from Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority said:

“Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker has been rated PG13 for theatrical release in Singapore.

The applicant has omitted a brief scene which under the Film Classification Guidelines would require a higher rating.”

In comparison, China has surprisingly allowed the same-sex kiss to be featured in the movie without any cuts, despite previous tendencies to cut any LGBT portrayals in the past.

The same-sex kiss can be glimpsed during the jubilant Resistance celebration at the end of the movie, after Emperor Palpatine and the threat of the Final Order was defeated. Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker is now showing in cinemas. Check out our review of the movie here.


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