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Riot Games Reveal More Project L 2D Fighting Gameplay

Riot Games just dropped new gameplay footage and more details about its upcoming fighting game Project L, which is based on the League of Legends universe. On a Sunday morning here in Southeast Asia (during Riot Games’ Undercity Nights public online event), so yeah.

Here’s how the game looks like with colour and all:

Looks pretty sweet, though it’s not the final version yet. Heck, director Tom Cannon (one of the founders of EVO alongside his brother Tony) stated that the game has no set release date or window as of yet as it’s still too early to reveal details beyond the gameplay preview below. The game will not be out in 2021 or 2022, so we’re looking at a 2023 and beyond timeframe.

What we do know is this: Project L is an assist-based 2D 2v2 fighting game where you can call in your tag partner to assist you and switch out. The game will utilize simply-to-learn-hard-to-master controls and gameplay, so there won’t be quarter circle motions or DPs; just simple directional inputs and button presses/follow-ups.

Here’s the confirmed roster so far:

  • Ahri, the fox demihuman magic user who can lay out traps ala Menat from Street Fighter 5. And maybe Magneto/Storm from the Marvel vs Capcom games.
  • Jinx, the infamous gunner with projectiles and gunfire aplenty from her minigun, rocket launcher, and pistols.
  • Darius, a heavy hitter with some footsie tools.
  • Ekko, a mid-ranged zoning character with Rewind and Time Grenade that makes him double back and also keep his opponent in a juggle state for great follow-ups.

The game will also use rollback netcoding for its online play, and will be bolstered in-house using Riot Direct, the same tech that’s used on League of Legends and Valorant.

So far, Project L is looking sweet and promising, as well as with a clear release window that’s still far away. It also has an audience in mind: casuals and hardcore players, both the button mashers and the serious players. No hurry on this, honestly. Especially if a game like this might end up dominating the FGC worldwide. It’ll need all the prep and tweaking it can get.

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