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[Rumour] Armored Core 6 Confirmed To Be In The Works

From Software is not only busy finishing up Elden Ring, it seems.

The video game developer might be going back to the customizable mecha 3D action gaming well via its Armored Core series according to a recent consumer survey. Posted by ResetEra user Red Liquorice, the survey featured first details and screenshots for a new Armored Core game. The survey included a description, screenshots, and two short gameplay videos: one of a boss fight and one of a snowy area.

Here’s the official description of what seems to be Armored Core 6:

Melange, an unknown substance that could dramatically advance human society. In the past, this substance caused a cosmic catastrophe on planet Bashtar that engulfed the surrounding star systems, and eventually its very existence was lost. Decades later, the Melange reaction was confirmed again on planet Bashtar. In search of the unknown substance that should have been lost, various speculations begin to swirl. Various parties are getting involved; The government, corporations, cultists, and unknown mercenaries… The protagonist is one of them.

The game is a TPS (third-person shooter) mecha action title that lets you move around an overwhelmingly scaled map that represents a unique sci-fi world with dynamic mech action. You will face strong enemies and fierce battles both long and short range using guns and blades.

Here are the game’s features:

  • The Sci-Fi World Created by Hidetaka Miyazaki – FromSoftware‘s unique and deep sci-fi worldview and multi-layered story. Set on the planet Bashtar, a sci-fi world devastated by a planet-wide disaster, with an overwhelming sense of scale that only mecha can provide.
  • A Vast Field that Represents a Multi-Layered World – In a massive and three-dimensional map, you can feel the scale of the mecha universe. A wide variety of maps offer an array of challenging enemies and carefully crafted situations that are worth taking on again and again.
  • Feel the Tension, in Long and Short Range Battles – This game offers not only long-range combat with guns, but also short-range combat elements such as blade and shield, that add a sense of urgency to gameplay. Decide between defensive tactics during tense and challenging battles against powerful enemies.
  • Three-Dimensional, Dynamic Action – The game’s dynamic, three-dimensional movement is something no human can imitate. You can move freely around the vast map with the unique mobility of a mech.
  • High Degree of Freedom in Customization – Reconfigure body parts and weapons in order to upgrade your mech. With a high level of customization, you can build a mech to suit your play style; from a build that focuses on close-range combat and mobility, or a build that emphasizes firepower to wipe out swarms of enemies at once.

Red Liquorice shared details about the game, stating that the boss fights seem Soulslike in terms of speed and style. As of now, there are no details about Armored Core 6; there’s no release date or platforms confirmed.

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