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After the pandemic has taken a toll on events the past few years, it must be a relief to many that offline anime expos and fan gatherings are slowly coming back in Malaysia, much less Southeast Asia. And if these photos of Paradigm Mall are of any indication, they’re back in a big way.

Anime Fest, an anime expo gathering from the Comic Fiesta team, is taking place right now at Paradigm Mall. The event has caused massive human jams in the mall itself and on the NKVE highways (to an extent, since weabs with jobs have cars too); it’s overcrowded to kingdom come.

The Malaysian Twitter space is abuzz about the literal human traffic, including some words from our own ex-KKP writer Burhan:

It doesn’t look like Paradigm Mall is spacious or wide enough for gatherings as packed as a big-name anime convention run by a renowned group. Despite this, people are still having fun at the event. Plus, having too many people in an expo is a better problem to have than no people at all, if you think about it.

Anime Fest is going on from 12th to 16th May. You can still attend tomorrow and Monday’s event, but we can’t guarantee there will be less people than today.

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