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The pretty decent kid’s action movie Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has grossed over US$400 million all across the world in less than three months.

In other words, the film that’s co-produced by Sega and Paramount Pictures and was released on April in Southeast Asia is the fifth-highest grossing video game adaptation of all time. Congratulations, Sonic & friends: at least with the impending mediocrity of your next game, your cinematic ventures are looking bright!

Here’s the top 5 for reference:

  1. Warcraft: US$439,048,914
  2. Detective Pikachu: US$433,230,304
  3. Rampage: US$428,028,233
  4. Uncharted: US$401,622,829
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: US$400,015,446

Due to this windfall, there will indeed be a third Sonic The Hedgehog film in the works and a live-action TV series featuring Knuckles. If you’re wondering who the next villain in the upcoming films might be, check out the video below.

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