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Disney Content Showcase APAC Reveals 2023 Streaming Content Slate: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Here's What We Saw In The Indiana Jones 5 Trailer: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Here's What We Saw In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 & Loki Season 2 Trailers: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Minecraft’s New Update Removes Notch Reference

Get this: the latest Minecraft Java snapshot release, 19w13a, adds in features like a status effect called "Hero of the Village", as well as an accessibility button on the title screen. Besides that, the devs also added new quotes on the splash screen, like "Don't worry, be happy!" and "Go to the dentist." They also wiped out the two splash screen...

Sony Chairman Kaz Hirai Steps Down After Years Of Service

Kazuo Hirai, the Chairman of Sony, has announced his retirement after 35 years with Sony. Hirai will leave his role on 18 June, but he will continue to provide counsel as requested by Sony's management team, acting as Senior Advisor for the Company. Hirai stepped down as CEO a year ago, with Kenichiro Yoshida taking the helm. Yoshida is the CFO ...

Hearthstone Reveals Cards For Upcoming Expansion Rise of Shadows

Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled 12 new cards for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion. The cards include two Legendary villains, Blastmaster Boom and Heistbaron Togwaggle, and one Legendary Defender of Dalaran, Khadgar. Let's see what these Legendary cards can do; Blastmaster Boom: When played, Blastmaster Boom summons two Boom Bots for each ...

Singaporean, Japanese, & Other Asian Cosplayers Arrested In Malaysia

Three Singaporean cosplayers who joined Cosplay Festival 4 in Kuala Lumpur at the weekend were detained by the cops, along with five Japanese, two Thai, and one Hong Kong cosplayer. That's a total of 11 people arrested and detained at Malaysian customs. The Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia conducted a raid on Cosplay Festival 4, a two-day event locate...

Here’s How Apex Legends Is Impacting The PC Gaming Scene

When Apex Legends launched, it massively affected the game ecosystem for a bit. For starters, the game dropped out of nowhere. Think of it as an asteroid dropping and wiping out the entire dinosaur population. It sent shockwaves in the gaming industry. Thanks to Newzoo, we have data on how the game affected the competition. Let's see how Apex Lege...

You Can Vote Now For The OWL 2019 All-Stars Roster

The Overwatch League (OWL) All-Star Game Powered By Intel will be happening on 16 May to 17 May at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. This all-star game will be played in between Stages 2 and 3 of the Overwatch League’s 2019 season. Teams will compete in a series of custom games pitting Atlantic and Pacific All-Stars against each other on M...

Electronic Arts Lays Off Marketing And Publishing Department

Electronic Arts (EA) is laying off 350 people from multiple departments. This has proven to be one of the hardest years in gaming. In an email received by Kotaku, EA boss Andrew Wilson said the goal would be to streamline decision-making in the marketing and publishing departments following a consolidation that began last year. Some offices are cl...

How Does The Division 2 Stacks Up Against Destiny 2, Anthem, & Warframe?

In a world where live-service games are popular, it's hard not to compare each of the games against one another. Moreover, the market for such games is almost saturated. So, each of the products in the market should have a unique selling proposition. So, recently I peeled off from my daily dose of Destiny 2 to dive in the military looter shooter...

Here’s How You Can Score A Free Copy Of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series, you can get The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on PC for free! Bethesda is giving out free copies of the game today, coupled with the hashtag #TES25. Celebrate #TES25 with a free copy of Morrowind on PC TODAY ONLY. Sign into your Bethesda net account and claim your digital co...

Ammobox Studios To Host Friendly Open Tournament at Digital N8tion

Ammobox Studios, the Malaysian developers responsible for Eximius: Seize The Frontline, will be hosting a friendly open tournament in conjunction with Digital N8tion on 31 March, Sunday. The tournament features a cash prize pool of RM1000, with the winner bagging RM750 while the runner up gets RM250 for their efforts. If you are interested in see...

New Overwatch PTR Patch Goes Live Today; Buffs Junkrat, Reaper, Symmetra

Overwatch gets new public test region (PTR) updates today which sees a few heroes getting tweaked here and there. Most notably the spammy Junkrat, Reaper, and Symmetra. While these changes are available only on the PTR which is a PC-only server, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox will receive the changes in a future patch. Be reminded that these changes a...

Apex Legends Is Getting A New Hero & Weapon Soon

The first season for Apex Legends has begun last week, and we have received the Battle Pass as well as our first new hero, Octane. However, he's not the only update we'll be seeing. It's been noticed that the official Apex Legends page on PlayStation.com has been updated with some juicy tidbits of the contents from the inaugural season. [youtube ...

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is The Biggest Steam Launch This Year

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is another masterpiece brought by our favourite death-simulator developers, From Software. With ninjas and crazy prosthetics, it's bound to be popular despite immensely difficult compared to its predecessors. And guess what? It has. Spiel Times has reported that the game has one of the biggest launches on the platform,...

Malaysian Team RamPaGe Gaming Retains ESL CoD Asian Championship

Team RamPaGe Gaming emerges as champions after a hard-fought Grand Finals match in the ESL Call of Duty Asian Championship. The champion team features two Malaysian players, namely Hakiem 'RanGer' Tajudin and Daniel 'Rainyz' Ali. Give it up to your back-to-back #CODAsiaChampionship CHAMPIONS - @TeamRamPaGePro! WHAT.A.FINALS pic.twitter.com/87mXOxR...

Control Release Date Leaked, then Confirmed By Devs

Remedy revealed Control at E3 last year, but hasn't revealed much info about the game. All that changed recently at GDC 2019 when Control was announced to be released on the Epic Games Store and Windows Store for PC. Windows Store accidentally leaked the date on its new digital listing. It was first discovered by TrueAchievement. The Control sto...

The Paradox of Gaming Phones And How It’s Solving Problems In Our Hobby

The mobile phone market is a booming one, so there's no surprise to see companies attempting to penetrate the various target markets to maximise their sales. One of the most enigmatic sectors, in my opinion, is the gaming phone market. It's one of the premium lined markets in the mobile phone market. Since most smartphones are heavily aimed toward...

BATTLESHIP Now Compatible With PlayLink For PS4

Ubisoft announced today that BATTLESHIP is now compatible with Sony's PlayLink for PS4 feature. Owners of the game can update the game for free. Plus, players can download the BATTLESHIP PlayLink application on their phones to utilize additional private screens to secretly deploy fleets, target friend’s ships and fire attacks. Players can...

Baptiste Is Now Available In Overwatch

Baptiste arrives in Overwatch as of the recent update. He is a support hero with an assortment of great abilities to help out the team. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxdy2SMf9CE&] The Combat Medic wields a Biotic Launcher that rewards accuracy and recoil control to significant damage output. It's also capable of healing allies in i...

Mobile Legends’ First Talent Hunt Happening In Malaysia

The eCurve Gaming Championship (EGC) 2019, organised by Geek Events, is happening from 23 March to 31 March. The DiGi-sponsored event features a PUBG Mobile tournament and Malaysia's first-ever Mobile Legends Talent Hunt. Professional esports players will also be there, offering mentorship to new, aspiring gamers stepping into the competition. T...

T1 and FACEIT Teams Up To Launch First-Ever Apex Legends Esports Tournament

T1, a South Korean esports organisation, has teamed up with competitive gaming platform FACEIT to host a USD25,000 (RM101,732) invitational tournament for Apex Legends. Basically, this will be the first official time the game will have an esports showing. T1 and FACEIT have recently announced  their plans to organise an Apex Legends Invitationa...

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