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Diablo 4: All Guides & Features (Early Access & Open Beta)

Diablo 4's Open Beta starts this weekend. The Open Beta this weekend will start on March 25 0:00 GMT+8 and ends on March 28 3am GMT+8. Last weekend during the Closed Beta, fans were allowed to play around and make characters for the Barbarian, Rogue and Sorceress class. This weekend, fans will be able to raise the dead and try out the Necromancer a...

Blizzard Claims This Diablo 4 Beta Was Not A ‘Marketing Beta’

So, over the weekend we got to try out the Diablo 4 beta, and I got to say, it was pretty awesome. Blizzard seems to be back on track with this one after the fiasco that was Diablo Immortal. However, I do have to admit that there were some noticeable rough spots in the beta. But according to a recent interview with Eurogamer, Diablo general manager...

Diablo 4’s Repetitive Dungeon Designs Are Apparently Intentional

Players have been voicing their complaints about the lack of dungeon variety in the Diablo 4 beta, but according to the game's lead developers, this is just a beta problem. In the beta, dungeons have been criticized for having the same layouts on repeated runs, which is unusual for a series that typically randomizes them. This has led to players ca...

Diablo 4’s Barbarian Class Could Be Getting Buffed

Gamers have been eagerly anticipating the release of Diablo 4 since its announcement. The action RPG franchise has been a fan favourite for over a decade, and players have been craving a new mainline entry. Well, the wait is almost over! Set to launch on 6 June, Diablo 4's early access beta was available to those who pre-purchased the game or or...

Diablo 4 Altars Of Lilith Guide: How To Find All Of Them In Act 1

Diablo 4 features a number of altars that grant you power for your Account/World: The Altars of Lilith. These altars will grant you permanent buffs and Renown points for not just your current character, but for all characters under your Account/World. You will come across some of them throughout your journey, but most of them are well-hidden and...

Diablo 4: How To Find The Butcher & Get His Unique Weapon

The Butcher is an iconic boss in the Diablo franchise. he's a big demon with a butcher's axe who chases down beginner players and hacks them to death, and he's pretty fast on his feet too. And takes quite a beating. And also has the immortal intro quip "Fresh meat!" The last time action RPG folks fought the Butcher is in Diablo 3 as one of the g...

Blizzard State They Are Working On Diablo 4’s Long Beta Queue Times

Hey, if you've been trying to get into the Diablo 4 beta this weekend, you might have been stuck in a crazy long queue. Some folks were waiting for hours just to get in. And even if you did manage to get in, there were a bunch of issues like crashes and problems connecting with friends. But don't worry! Blizzard knows what's up and they're worki...

Diablo 4 Beta: All Legendary & Unique Weapons & Gear So Far

Just like any high-polished action RPG, Diablo 4 has its fair share of awesome loot and gear to acquire through luck and determination. But mostly RnG luck. The current Diablo 4 Early Access and Open Beta sessions happening this month of March 2023 offers players a plethora of rewards of Legendary proportions to get from questing and killing Eli...

Diablo 4 Early Access & Open Beta Leveling Up Guide: How To Reach Level 20

Diablo 4 may be coming out this early June of 2023, but the game's Early Access and open beta sessions will be up and running during the weekends of 17 March and 24 March respectively. As such, players and action RPG fans will be trying out the game if they happen to have a code, getting to know the classes and grinding to the level cap of 25 while...

Diablo 4 Will Not Be On Xbox Game Pass

For those waiting for the upcoming action RPG Diablo 4 to make it to Xbox Game Pass, we have some bad news. Blizzard senior vice president Rod Fergusson said on Twitter that the game will not be available on the Xbox service, dispelling the recent rumour that stated otherwise (via Sirus Gaming). "It's awesome seeing the excitement around the Di...

Singapore To Host Diablo 4 Pre-Beta Community Gathering

Activision Blizzard has announced a Southeast Asia gathering for Diablo fans on the Diablo news page at Battle.net. The Diablo 4 community in Singapore be hosting a Diablo 4 pre-beta community gathering called the Convergence this Saturday 11 March. Here are the details. Diablo 4 Pre-Beta Community Gathering Event Details Date: Saturday...

This Diablo 4 Promo Makes Good Use Of A French Church

The trend of video game marketing stunts with religious sects continues, though this one we're reporting on is a lot tamer than the ones involving Dante's Inferno from EA. Blizzard has recently used a deconsecrated French church (one that isn't a sacred site anymore) to promote the closed beta of Diablo 4. The church used is the Chapelle des Jes...

Diablo 4 Open Beta PC Specs Revealed; Looks Pretty Lightweight

Action RPG Diablo 4 is getting an open beta session playable for early adopters and the public later this March, so it's only fit to tell PC gamers what hardware they need to run the game. This being a 2023 title and how mainstream the action RPG series is, we weren't surprised at the specs being in the middle and low side of things, especially ...

Diablo 4 Closed & Open Beta Guide: Here’s How You Can Get In

Good news, action RPG clicker fans who crave loot, gore, classes with hard-hitting AoEs, and more legendary loot! Diablo 4 will be in early access next month. Here are the dates & info. Diablo 4's early access to the beta mode will be available from 17 to 19 March for gamers who pre-ordered the game. The game's open beta will be available fo...

Diablo 4 Closed & Open Beta Dates Revealed

As part of a recent IGN 2023 Fan Fest, Blizzard just revealed Diablo 4's closed and open beta dates along with a neat opening cinematic for the sequel. The first beta will be on 17-19 March and is only open to those who pre-ordered the game. For the rest of us, the next beta session will be on 24-26 March. More details will be revealed closer to...

Kakuchopurei’s Most Anticipated Games Of 2023

It's the dawn of the new year, and with it comes a bunch of new games and titles for 2023. After seeing a ton of video game announcements for 2023, players are spoilt for choice. Truthfully, so are we; we have action RPGs, sandbox titles, Soulslike clones, and indies galore to chose from. It's hard to narrow it down, but we'll do our best. He...

Diablo 4 New Crafting Option Codex Of Power Revealed

A recent Diablo 4 action RPG livestream showcase introduces a new way for players to power up their equipment: the Codex of Power. This option gives players a degree of control over what kind of build they're aiming for. See, each dungeon in the game's world, Sanctuary, will be housing an Aspect, which is a legendary power you can obtain at the ...

Diablo 4 Launches In June 2023

During The Game Awards 2022, Blizzard announced that Diablo 4 will launch on 6 June 2023. Check out the trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsNDMHvz98M&ab_channel=Diablo...

Diablo 4 Release Date Leaked Ahead Of The Game Awards

It seems like the Diablo 4 release date has been leaked. A data miner discovered the release date and size for Diablo 4 in the Microsoft Store backend. According to the data, Diablo 4 will allegedly launch on 5 June 2023 and will be a whopping 80GB in size. There will also apparently be three editions at launch; Standard, Digital Deluxe and Ulti...

Blizzard Is Asking People To Play Diablo 4’s Endgame Before It Comes Out

Here's a rather odd-sounding-but-logical request from Blizzard: the company wants hardcore Diablo and action RPG grinders to test out its upcoming game's endgame in a future closed beta. Blizzard really wants Diablo 4 to be relevant in the long run, moreso than its current action RPG darling Diablo 3 that's been around for 10 years plus. There w...

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