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Survival Horror Crow Country is Coming to Xbox Series in May: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Open-World RPG Cat Quest 3 Launches This August: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // A Yars Rising Reboot Is Coming From Atari & Shantae Dev WayForward: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Fatal Fury: City Of The Wolves REV System & Gameplay Explained

SNK has released more info about its upcoming 2025 2D fighting game Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves. The upcoming sequel to Garou: Mark of the Wolves back in 1999 will be bringing back a bunch of old systems and mechanics, as well as add in new ones. Let's break them down. Old systems from Fatal Fury titles: Combination Attacks, Just Defense, ...

Here’s A Quick Look At The Fatal Fury: Mark Of The Wolves Sequel

During the King of Fighters XV EVO 2023 finals, SNK revealed a teaser of its long-in-the-making sequel to 1999's Garou: Mark of the Wolves fighting game. The new sequel is called Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves. The teaser below showcased a bunch of Fatal Fury characters shouting out their special moves in audio form, capping off with a sneak pee...

SNK Shows Off The KOF XV Version Of Kim Kaphwan; Joins Roster This Spring

SNK has released new The King of Fighters XV gameplay footage of video game's most famous taekwondo practitioner. No, not Juri; the original 90s Fatal Fury one. That's right: Kim Kaphwan will be out as part of KOF XV's Season 2 DLC this Summer. He's bringing his brand of kick-laden justice to his foes in the latest KOF, including his famous Desp...

More Fatal Fury/Garou: Mark Of The Wolves 2 Info Details Single-Player Mode & Terry Bogard

Early this August, fighting game fans at EVO 2022 and viewers online get to see SNK debut the teaser to Garou: Mark of the Wolves 2, a sequel to the hit 1999 arcade 2D fighting game that gave Street Fighter 3: Third Impact a run for its money. We now know a bit more beyond the initial reveal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YP3wVygHLg Accord...

SNK Reveals New Fatal Fury And Garou Project

During the EVO 2022 The King of Fighters XV top 8 tournament, SNK took to the stage and revealed it's going to work on a brand new Fatal Fury/Garou: Mark of the Wolves game. The new Fatal Fury project has been greenlit, which is great news for fighting game fans since it's been 20+ years since we've had a new entry in the series. The 30-second t...

[Leak] Fall Guys Gets New Crossover With SNK’s Fatal Fury Icons

A leak has appeared on Twitter that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is back at it again with yet another crossover collaboration, this time with the Fatal Fury fighting game series from SNK. Over the many years since the fighting game's inception, Fatal Fury has collaborated with many different games, notably with Tekken and Super Smash Bros. in re...

Fatal Fury & KOF Blonde Agent Blue Mary Gets Her Own Storm Collectibles Figurine

Gentlemen prefer blondes, especially those who like dogs, green jackets, spy work, and slide-to-grapple follow-up attacks. That's the case with Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters secret agent with the headbusting moves Mary "Blue Mary" Ryan. Hong Kong company Storm Collectibles has just unveiled the Blue Mary figure, which features a number of ...

The King Of Fighters XV Will Get New & Free DLC If The Game Is Profitable

The King of Fighters XV is out and is taking the fighting game online space by storm. So how's the game's future looking in terms of DLC? Apart from the new Garou Mark of the Wolves team (Rock Howard, B.Jenet, Gato), the Southtown team (Geese, Billy Kane, Yamazaki), and a few others, there's probably going to be more oncoming. It really depends ...

The King of Fighters XV Roadmap Revealed; Team Garou & South Town DLC Will Arrive First

SNK just published its future plans for its upcoming hit 3v3 fighting game The King of Fighters XV, and it's looking prosperous just like the Lunar New Year. There will be an additional 12 fighters added to the base KOF XV roster in 2022 post-launch. Here's the full list of fighters: Team Garou (March 2022) Rock Howard, Gato, B.Jenet. These ch...

SNK Celebrates Mai Shiranui’s Birthday With A Family Friendly Pop-up Shop

There are a lot of reasons why Mai Shiranui is one of the most popular fighting game characters in the world. Well, a pair of reasons in particular. Her birthday is coming up really soon and SNK is celebrating it in a very awesome way. From 26 December 2019 to 6 January 2020, SNK is opening an "all-ages" Mai Shiranui pop-up shop at The Akihabara...

The SNK Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro Is An Entire Retro Console Inside A Controller

SNK has announced the Neo Geo Arcade Stick. Inspired by the classic Neo Geo CD's controller design, it is essentially an entire retro gaming console in the form of controller. It comes with over 20 pre-installed games. The company has yet to reveal what any of these games are, but they will likely include iconic titles like King of Fighters, Fa...

The 13 Most Influential SNK Fighting Game Moves

Our Retro DNA-themed SNK 8-week tribute continues. Check out the links below for our previous features.  Hail To The King (Of Fighters) The Top 15 SNK Games You Must Play Before You Die The Art of Shinkiro Why The Neo Geo Was Successful Every time a new fighting game crops up, you can be sure that it has some sick moves and fightin...

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