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Community Gets A Movie, 6 Seasons Later: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Goat Simulator 3 Is Coming To Fortnite: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Callisto Protocol Stars Karen Fukuhara From The Boys: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
PlayStation, Fortnite, Overwatch, & Bowsette Comes Out On Top In Pornhub Searches This Year

https://youtu.be/XBH8SMwqvRs As 2018 comes to a close, we have large conglomerates & companies sharing insightful stats related to gaming that make us ponder. Stats from adult entertainment sites like Pornhub, specifically. Because every now and then the world needs to find a private space to rub their collective joysticks out. Pornhub recent...

[Report] China’s Gaming Ban List Revealed; Fortnite & PUBG On It

Sucks to be a gamer in China, especially if you love battle royale shooters. It also sucks to be a publisher whose games rely on the burgeoning Chinese market for that sweet player base number. So it's rather telling that someone on Chinese gaming forum NGA (via Reddit) chose to leak a ban/to-be-banned list made by China's official online games et...

God of War Deserves Its GOTY The Game Awards 2018 Win

The dust has settled and we're ready to discuss the results of The Game Awards 2018. AAA and indie games alike won awards, with Red Dead Redemption 2 turning out to win the most awards but failing to win the (arguably) biggest award of them all (Game of The Year, which went to God of War). Here's what I thought of some notable winners and losers fr...

The Best Esports Games That Came Out In 2018

It's the end of 2018 and already, there are a few competitive games to look out for that right now. These top competitive games came out this year and seem to show a lot of potential growth in the next few years. Dragon Ball FighterZ Let's start with the most obvious entry this year: Arc System Works has done good for the fighting game community ...

Avert Your Eyes Madden & NFL Fans: Fortnite is Heading into the Gridiron

As if we haven't had enough of Fortnite, Epic just announced that the battle royale game is partnering with the NFL to include NFL themed outfits from the Fortnite Item Shop starting November 9th. While Fortnite's Battle Royale has always been free, they have been raking in the cash via purchasable in-game items. This crossover is definitely gea...

Fortnite Rules Streaming Scene – Yet to Break Into Esports Realm

Do Fortnite and esports go together like peanut butter and bread? At this point in time, we're not sure. The latest data from Newzoo, a video games market intelligence for games, esports, and mobile, shows that while Fortnite rules the streaming realm thanks to its popularity, the game is still a way off from being globally accepted as an esp...

After Controversial Mobile Release, Fortnite Looking to Venture into Blockchain

Fortnite, now in the middle of pitch battle of controversies, is still looking to jump into uncharted waters. Unlike its latest efforts to get into the mobile space, which has turned sour pretty fast, this one is a risky venture. In fact, it's pretty off-kilter even for an industry that is infamous for its constant experimentation. Making such a m...

Bad News For Folks Anticipating For Fortnite Mobile on Android

While the big talk these past few days has been about Epic Games' decision to not list Fortnite on the Google Play Store, we feel the more important news is whether and when will your Android device be able to run the game as well as the (potentially) gross misconduct and mistreatment of the mobile gaming scene by Epic Games and Samsung. Word ha...

Fortnite Will Not Be On Google Play Store Because Epic Wants More Money

We're on the fence on whether this piece of news is good or bad. Epic Games recently confirmed on The Verge that it will be selling the Android version of its hit game Fortnite. But it won't be on the Google Play store. The reason? Because Epic Games does not want Google to take a 30% cut for in-app purchases for games sold through Google Play. He...

[Report] Fortnite Might Get A Controversial Game-Breaking Weapon

The insanely-popular third-person shooter-slash-battle royale Fortnite is usually chock filled with new Seasons and fresh guns. However, the latest datamine suggest that the game may be getting a game-breaking firearm. According to TwoEpicBuddies via Twitter, the free-to-play Battle Royale mode will get a new legendary sniper rifle. https://twitt...

We Now Know The Real Reason Behind Sony’s Fortnite Crossover Issues

Last week, Sony PlayStation came under flak for their refusal to allow cross-play of Epic Games' highly popular Battle Royale title, Fortnite: Battle Royale. Players who tried to link their Epic Games account when signing in on the Nintendo Switch were barred from doing so if they already linked their account to their PlayStation Network account ea...

PUBG Studio Is Suing Epic Games Over Fortnite

Just like how Riot Games is suing Moonton over their League of Legends clone for mobile, so too is PUBG's studio PUBG Corp. suing Epic Games over Fortnite's similar-looking mode (that's free-to-play, by the by). The lawsuit in question is about copyright infringement: it was filed in January but was made public this week. The South Korean publishe...

CoDBLOPS4 Goes Battle Royale – Here’s How We Think It Should Be Done

Everybody's jumping into the battle royale bandwagon nowadays and the folks at Treyarch are no different. Earlier today, the creators of the Black Ops brand announced that 'Blackout', a battle royale mode is on its way and will pretty much be the replacement for the absent singleplayer mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII (whoever decided to go wit...

Boss Key Productions is No More As Cliffy B Announces Shut Down

Following back-to-back failures in gaining significant player-base ad traction of their games, Cliff Blezinski has decided to close down his studio, Boss Key Productions after nearly four years of operation. Announcing it via Twitter earlier today, Blezinski, former design director for Epic Games said: A statement: pic.twitter.com/LwJD54bCwL â...

How To Kick Butt In Fortnite’s Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Mode

This came out of nowhere for a lot of us: Epic just launched a Fortnite event for the ages. It's called the Avengers: Infinity War limited-time event and it makes any player become the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. Basically, it's the same Battle Royale mode you know and love, only with an Infinity Gauntlet powerup to turn the tide of battle for the ...

Five Games that Could Use the Battle Royale Treatment

Everyone's hopping into the battle royale scene nowadays with the most recent one being Boss Key's poor imitation of Fortnite - Radical Heights. While they attempted a unique gameshow feel to the game, it does not have any lasting appeal to go the distance compared to the big two ruling the scene; PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle ...

Drake Joins @ninja ‘s Fortnite Stream; The World Goes Bonkers

Drake played Fortnite with @ninja earlier today and the games scene went nuts as the stream broke viewing records having raked in over 600k concurrent viewers. playing fort nite with @ninja https://t.co/OSFbgcfzaZ — Drizzy (@Drake) March 15, 2018 Prior to today's event, the record was held by PlayerUnknown's Battleground streamer, Dr...

Fortnite Battle Royale Is Coming to Mobile

Brace yourselves. Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to mobile. According to the official blogpost by Epic Games, the game will be available to phones and tablets soon, and will receive 'Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates'. Further pursuing Epic Games' drive to make the game an esport title, crossplay with multiple platforms ...

Epic Games: Server Overload Causes Fortnite Outage Last Weekend

Fortnite developers, Epic Games has attributed last weekend's outtage to severe overload of their servers, which caused recurring interruptions for players. It was reported that the game hit a peak of 3.4 million concurrent users which mainly led to the disruption - definitely a problem other companies would kill to have. Official announcement and ...

Fortnite Adds 50v50 Mode

PlayerUnknown Battleground's rival, Fortnite is getting a variation of their 100-player free for all; a 50v50 mode available from now til 17th December 2017 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNln_1MoR2M&w=560&h=315] In the new game mode, players can form squads of up to four people and then merge them int...

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