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Keanu Reeves Is Shadow In Sonic The Hedgehog 3: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // A New LEGO Tie Interceptor Screams Into Action On Star Wars Day 2024: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Is Coming Back To Malaysian Cinemas On Star Wars Day: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Magic: The Gathering – The Lord Of The Rings’ Mike Turian On The Long-Time-Coming Collaboration

When you think crossovers, nothing feels more appropriate than combining one of the most influential fantasy book series in history with one of the pioneers of competitive collectable card games. Such is the case of The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the former and Magic: The Gathering for the latter. It took them a while, but it's actually h...

Magic The Gathering: Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle Earth Preview – Mirkwood Spider & Hobbit’s Sting

Two of the biggest fantasy giants are coming together for one amazing collaboration on 23 June. Lord of the Rings and Magic: The Gathering are dropping a new expansion, "Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth" and thanks to Wizards of the Coast, we have a couple of awesome cards to show off. Before we get to them, here's the lowdown on the ...

Latest Magic: The Gathering – Lord Of The Rings Expansion Video Features Background & Special Guest

Wizards of the Coast have revealed details of its upcoming Magic: The Gathering set featuring the Lord of the Rings' franchise, complete with iconic characters from the long-running fantasy series. If you're a Lord of The Rings fan looking to collect all the cards or a Magic: The Gathering fan trying out the new set, either way, there's an exper...

The Lord Of The Rings Fans Express Concerns On Amazon Games New MMO Announcement

In a surprising announcement yesterday, Amazon announced they were back working on an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game based on The Lord of the Rings (LOTR). The game is still in its early stages of production and to launch for consoles and PC on a date yet to be determined. Even though it's great news for fantasy MMO fans, fans of the LOTR ...

The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum Game Has A New Launch Window

The previously-delayed-to-God-knows-when action-adventure title The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum has a new release window. Co-publishers Nacon and Daedalic Entertainment have announced the game's new schedule: during the six months ending in September 2023. This was confirmed in both companies' financial report this week. This means the game will o...

The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum Is Delayed For A Few Months

You may have to wait a little while longer for the next Lord of the Rings game from developer Daedalic Entertainment. Publisher Nacon and Daedalic are delaying The Lord of the Rings: Gollum from its previously-planned 1st September release date for PC and consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5) to "a few months". A new release date will be an...

The Fallout Writer Who Gave Dogmeat His Name In Fallout Has Died

Scott Bennie, the writer/producer/designer for Interplay's Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Fallout back in the day, has died due to pneumonia complications. He was 61, according to a recent Facebook page update. If you are not familiar with his name, you are most likely familiar with his writing and game design works. Back in the 90s he worked...

Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings Adaptation To Premiere In 2022

J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, a pretty epic fantasy novel series that influenced thousands of future fantasy books, comics, tabletop RPGs, and video game RPGs, is getting the Amazon series treatment next year. Dubbed Amazon's The Lord of the Rings, the original series will premiere on 2nd September 2022 exclusively on Amazon Prime, with...

The Lord Of The Rings TV Series Finds Its Director

Amazon's The Lord Of The Rings TV series now has a director attached to its first two episodes, as well as act as one of its executive producers. That person is Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom director Juan Antonio 'J.A.' Bayona, who will be joined by producer Belén Atienza. The upcoming LOTR TV series will be set in Middle Earth during the Secon...

A History Of Single-Player Games With Microtransactions, Sparked By DMC5

Word on the street is that Devil May Cry 5 will feature optional microtransactions to save players from grinding your Neros and Dantes. According to a GameSpot report during Tokyo Game Show 2018, players can pay real-world money to purchase the series' in-game currency, red orbs. Much like halos in Bayonetta, red orbs can be used to buy moves, w...

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