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It’s official, guys.

After weeks of rumors regarding their official Overwatch League name, Team Seoul will henceforth be known as Seoul Dynasty following the official reveal earlier today. Comprising of players from Two-Time APEX Champions Lunatic-Hai, the heavy favorites will adorn the colors of Black and Gold as seen on their choice of hero for the reveal, Korea’s very own esports mascot D.Va.

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Our early season favorites to win the first season of the Overwatch League, you cannot get a more stacked lineup than Seoul Dynasty. Following a shock exit in the hands of eventual APEX Season 4 Champions GC Busan, Lunatic-Hai  Seoul Dynasty recently strengthened their lineup with the inclusion of Fleta, Munchkin and xepheR.   Fielding three players making their debut at the OGN Supermatch, the team showed the world that they are back at their best as they defeated China’s Miraculous Youngsters and losing finalist of APEX Season 3 and fellow Overwatch League participants, Cloud9 KongDoo.

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As we head closer to the registration deadline for the Overwatch League which falls on 30th October, we now have six teams who have either revealed their full roster, official name or both. Here’s a quick recap:

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Which one is your favorite, and which team has the coolest color scheme? Comments section is right down below. We will indeed be covering the Overwatch League extensively so for all stuff on competitive Overwatch, keep it locked on to

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