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New Ragnarok X Next Generation Update Brings A Whole Tier of New Classes

A boatload of new content is arriving in Ragnarok X: Next Generation’s new update which will introduce a whole new 3rd Class system, bringing in six new classes to use.

Adventurers of Midgard rejoice, as the next update for the game will include an entire new tier of powerful classes, with the new 3rd Class system coming in. Now players will be able to advance their jobs into different, more powerful variants with six new classes available.

The full list of 3rd Classes available with the update include:

  • Ranger: A master of archery and traps, the Ranger excels at destroying enemies’ armor with their range of elemental traps, and then finishing them off with their powerful archery skills. Rangers can also enter a special state called ‘Precise Shooting’, which significantly increases their damage at the cost of attack speed, allowing them to quickly take down tough opponents in a handful of shots. They also have access to the awesome Warg mount, sure to be the envy of every other adventurer.

  • Warlock: Wielders of ruinous elemental magic. Warlocks have access to devastating
    spells that dwarf the power of the High Wizard. From lightning storms that track targets to explosive freezing magic, the Warlock uses their unique “Elemental Orbs” mechanic to combine the powers of various elements to wipe the battlefield clean of foes all at once.

  • Archbishop: The ultimate embodiment of the Priest class, the Archbishop is a powerhouse of support and healing magic, able to bring entire parties back from the brink of death to continue the fight stronger than ever before. They are far from defenseless, however, with powerful Holy spells such as Ascalon ensuring that they can deal just as much damage as they can heal.

  • Rune Knight: Striding into battle atop fierce Ferus mounts, the Rune Knight combines powerful attacking skills with unmatched durability, punishing any enemy that hopes to stand against their onslaught. With their ability to grant debuffs with their Dark Flame Sword, the Rune Knight is adept at overpowering their enemies through sheer attrition and strength.

  • Guillotine Cross: Having mastered the forbidden arts of assassination and poisoning, the
    Guillotine Cross delivers deadly strikes from the shadows, ending their opponents before they even know what hit them. Don’t think that their preference for stealth means that they are defenseless in combat, as their advanced skills allow them to occasionally block any physical attacks against them, completely negating the damage, before delivering a killing blow of their own.

  • Mechanic: There’s nothing quite like riding into battle in your very own giant mech suit, and the Mechanic class lets you do just that! Not only do these awesome robot suits give the Mechanic superb defenses, they can also eviscerate enemies with their Vulkan Arm (when in Attack Mode), or otherwise provide their allies with useful buffs with the Support Mode, giving them excellent versatility as well. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can count on the Mechanic to have exactly the tools for the task.

Players must first reach Job Level 70 or higher to have access to these advanced 3rd Class Jobs. Players must enter the Glast Heim and complete three tests after taking up the quest at Glast Heim Churchyard. The Archbishop Wolmas and their former Masters will then teach you how to switch to a more powerful Class.

The new update will also add a brand new region, Al De Baran. The level 100 map will feature the famous Clock Tower from the original Ragnarok Online, and will include a bunch of new bosses to face Morroc, Chimera, Time Holder, Mysteltainn, and Owl Duke. Not to mention, several new mounts with some connected to the new classes.

ROX will also be having a special giveaway event, with plenty of exciting gifts including an iPhone 13 Pro Max, $100 Razor Bonus Gold, and Rare Mount Cards. To enter the event, simply party up and complete the event quests.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is available on iOS and Android.

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