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Good Game Asia – Episode 6 Recap

This week’s episode of Good Game Asia unfortunately is a recap episode, giving the participants a much-needed break but at the same time not really leaving fans with much in terms of entertainment.

Not to say that it was a completely disappointing episode, similar to “filler arcs” in anime, it may be pointless in the narrative aspect but it benefits character development. Good Game Asia airs very Friday at 7:35 PM (GMT+8) on Warner TV.


As the usual intro is rolled in, it’s quickly interrupted by Syaza — the show’s commentator — as she reveals this week’s episode is going to be a recap where contestants and judges relive and share their favourite moments over the past five weeks.


As each of the remaining eight contestants share their perspective on the Get Real challenges, a lot of emphasis is put on their acknowledgement of the purpose of this segment. That purpose being to take the contestants out of the comfort of their gaming setups and show their personalities off in the real world.

PC Building

We first hear from FL0W3R about this challenge. He express his frustration with the concept of this challenge as an esports athlete, there’s no reason for him to know how to build a PC. Which I agree with, I feel as a first challenge, it lacks substance and material for the contestants to show off their personalities which is the main aim of the Get Real challenge.

It was also the first ever challenge, people hadn’t gotten to know each other yet hence there wasn’t much banter between the contestants. If this challenge was to be put in the Top 5 perhaps then I could’ve imagined that we would have seen a lot more entertaining content from the participants.


V3nom is the first to provide his perspective about this challenge and rightfully so. He expresses the difficulty he had with the location of his video, having been given the service area below the hotel, he had to deal with random interruptions from workers using the area.

We’re then shown a clip of Kelvins team which consisted of A.N.G. and Melan. The clip is of A.N.G. rushing Melan and Kelvin as they’re editing the clip and Melan snapping at him for making them nervous. We hear from Melan that she feels a bit guilty about snapping at A.N.G. but isn’t sorry. Following this we also hear from Kelvin that his was extremely proud of the video as he didn’t use templates to make the transitions and made them himself.

Going back to V3nom, we hear that in retrospect, he enjoyed what the video did for him, as he got to show the funny side of his personality which he doesn’t really get to show as an esports athlete. We are also treated to clip of Shin salavating at V3nom’s bicep which helped liven the mood of this episode.


A lot of the contestants enjoyed this challenge as it wasn’t too physically demanding and stressful meaning that tensions weren’t as high. Because tensions weren’t as high we got to see the contents be a bit goofier than usual as if they were at a party with friends.


By the time of this challenge, the contestants had already began to build relationships with one another and it really showed in this challenge with each team trash talking and teasing one another.

In the recap, we get to hear from Rudeism the rivalry and banter he had going on with Maser during the team selection. Rudeism’s first pick was going to be Reby but Maser somehow knew this so with the first pick, Maser stole Reby into his team and just smiled at Rudeism.

We also find out that beside being a streamer, Shin’s occupation is actually a teacher, which I feel does make sense given her kid friendly personality. We also hear from her about how this challenge helped her get to know more about her fellow contestants.

We’re also reminded of Kelvin cringely acting out Pikachu in the cherades part of the challenge. Kelvin reveals that it still haunts him to this day as viewers and fans terrorise him by commenting “Pika Pika” on his videos and across his social media.


Last week’s Get Real challenge was the paintball match which all contestants enjoyed, regardless of the bruises they received. Probably the most physically taxing challenge so far, many of the contestants revealed that their take-aways from this challenge was that they need to exercise more.

RECAP – on air

Shin opens this section of the recap by expressing how anxiety inducing the On Air challenge is every week as it’s hard to decipher what the others are doing and whether or not the clips she submits are up to par.

We also hear from Rudeism how the show as a whole has helped him develop a nack for innovating his content due to the limited time he had to make them. He explained how for three out of the five weeks, he’s had clips of his stream go viral for his innovative DIY controllers.

“Innovation comes from limitations,

And when you limit time like that, it forces you to come up with something interesting.”

– Dylan “Rudeism” Beck

He further elaborates that his favourite build so far was the glove controller that he modified from Sifu to Apex Legends. This is because he felt that both him and the audience connected a lot more as he streamed the building process and walked through every step he was doing. Rudeism also goes on to say that he’s learned that his content is what “attracts” people, but they stay for him.

Moving on to Fl0w3R, he begins by explaining that the On Air challenge is hard for him, mainly because he’s not used to streaming due to having a low tolerance for hate comments. He elaborates this is because he’s undergone controvercies before regarding a mistake he made in middle school — which he still gets hate for to this day. But regardless of this, he mentioned that since he’s been on Good Game Asia — which forces him to stream — he’s been really enjoying it and will continue to do so.

Next we hear from PandaTV as he goes in-depth about his dynamic with the other contestants. He prefices that he enjoys playing the big brother role and helping others.

For Melan and Shin, they express how this segment of the show has forced them to go outside of their comfort zones and develop not only as creators but as people too. In Melan’s case, she explains that she deals with social anxiety and doing IRL content means she has to go outside and interact with people which she’s slowly getting used to. For Shin, she’s discovered a love for collaborating with other creators and intends to continue doing it even after the show finishes.

V3nom on the other hand, like Fl0w3R, struggles with the On Air challenge as he’s an esports athlete too. Usually when esports athletes stream, people tune in to watch only high level gameplay, they don’t tend to stick around unless the person is fun to watch. Recently he’s began to come enjoy making content with his two favourites being the gym video he made with MakNooN, Hades, Fl0w3R and Panda, the latter of who featured in his second favourite video where he brought Panda for a haircut.

RECAP – The Box

Just before we are shown The Box recap, we’re treated to quick little “copycat challenge” of where the remaining contestants try to imitate Rudeism which helps liven the episode.


Looking back on the VALORANT episode, V3nom is the first to give his thoughts. As a professional VALORANT player, he was extremely confident that his team was going to to well. But we quickly find out that he didn’t anticipate how good Panda was going to be.

We hear from Panda that he’s a jack of all trades and plays any and everything. And it was thanks to Panda’s FPS prowess that Rudeism’s team managed to beat V3nom’s team.


We hear from Maser that he was extremely confident going into week 2’s The Box as he had researched guides and what the best weapons are. So when the time came he knew exactly where to be and what to get for him to win.


When the contestants played Sifu, the group was split on how they felt about it. Some were glad that it wasn’t a shooter game, others weren’t so much. V3nom expressed how as an FPS player, he struggled with the speedrun. However, to contradict his feelings, Fl0w3R, who is also a former professional FPS player, finished 1st.

From Fl0w3R’s perspective, it was the first game in the genre that he has played. So what he did was memorised every opponent and how to beat them. And it is because of this he was able to finish within ten minutes.

This week was also the week we saw our first eliminations. We said goodbye to Hades, A.N.G. and MakNooN. When this happened, Shin was the most distraught mainly because MakNooN had helped her so much. We hear from her that although it hurt to say goodbye, she understands that it was a part of the competition.


Starting with Maser, we hear that he practiced playing Warzone harder than he did any other game, but in contrast his performance in The Box failed to show that effort as he was eliminated early. Moreover, because of his performance, Maser was sure that he was going to be sent home that week.

In the end, Panda prevailed victorious but we hear from him that he was on edge and almost got eliminated because Kelvin was next to him and wouldn’t stop talking.

V3nom on the other hand didn’t do well in any of the challenges that week and as we found out he was near the bottom of the leaderboard. He was confident that was going home. He elaborated that he was extremely thankful for a second chance and that he was going to make the most of it.


We see from Rudeism’s perspective that he was overjoyed to have won his lobby in The Box, but while celebrating he looks over to find that Reby is in tears as she got eliminated early and due to her performance in the Get Real challenge earlier that episode, she was definitely going to be bottom of the leaderboard.

We also hear from Panda as he echoes the same point he made in that episode, which was that both Reby and Estelle, although eliminated from this competition, will definitely make it in content creation.


Just before we hear the contestants answer question, we are again treated with another unique segment this week with the Good Game Asia Awards. The first award is the “Mute Button Award” which was awarded to Kelvin due to his distracting nature in The Box. The next award is the “Slowest Processor Award” which is given to Fl0w3R. And lastly is the “Best Hair Award” which is ironically awarded to Panda — who is bald. Shin is also shown extremely displeased with the result.

What are the traits needed to win GGA?

Collectively, the contestants all believe that the winner needs to embody what a good brand ambassador is. Meaning be an all-around good person, who’s capable of socialising both professionally and leisurely alongside being entertaining. Furthermore, their ambition to create must exceed others’ and they should stand out from the rest.

Who do you think should win GGA?

Obviously everyone hopes that it will be them, but Shin expresses her hopes for a female to win as women in the gaming industry deserve more recognition and representation.

IF NOT YOU, who?

The go further on the question, contestants were asked who do they think will win if not they themselves. There were only three names mentioned. Rudeism with two votes, Fl0w3R with three and Panda also with three.

The JUDGES thoughts on the Top 8

Rai starts off with sharing his thoughts of Shin. He prefices how much she has grown throughout this competition and that with her already massive reach, she was always going to be a contender. Rai elaborates by saying that what he wants to see from her now is how she breaks out of the Shin character and how she’s able to represent a business separate from her.

In the case of Rudeism, we hear from Sezairi. Although Rudeism has done extremely well in most of the challenges so far, Sezairi is worried whether or not he will be able to stay at the top in the coming weeks — foreshadowing difficult challenges perhaps?

With Panda, Rai instantly acknowledges his role as the big brother between the contestants. Rai also expresses how consistent, entertaining and flexible Panda is and some how still manages to surprise the judges and the rest of the contestants week after week.

Kelvin’s next and Sezairi emphasises how Kelvin’s personality always shines. Not only that but Sezairi also mentions how Kelvin is so narratively gifted when it comes to his streams making it all the more entertaining to watch him.

For V3nom’s case, the judges knew that he was going to do well when it came to the gaming challenges, but it was the content side of things that they weren’t too sure about. Rai conveys acknowledgement at V3nom’s growth over the past five weeks and is definitely a candidate to win, but doesn’t believe he’s all the way there yet.

Now gaming aside, Fl0w3R is probably the weakest link right now when it comes to content and entertainment. The judges see this and do believe that there is potential but his chances now hinge on his ablility to be himself and be more vulnerable.

The judges believe that Melan has the most raw potential as she is just herself and isn’t afraid to show her real self as an entertainer. Sezairi also expresses his optimism on Melan’s future in general due to her being so young but being able to learn and adapt at an incredible speed.

Lastly, the judges reveal that they already consider Maser as ambassador material. But just because he is ambassador material doesn’t mean he’s earned it yet. Rai expresses that Maser will need to do well in the upcoming challenges to really earn his spot at the top.

Critical Take

Although there’s much to take away in terms of content, we indeed got to see character development from each and every contestant, especially Fl0w3R. I feel like he has really opened up with this episode and made the audience understand him a bit more and for me, I empathise with him a lot more because of this episode.

I also think due to Rai’s evaluation of V3nom, I think it’s highly likely that V3nom’s going to be the next one to be sent home as he’s just not ready to be a brand ambassador.

So far the series has really grown on me as I’ve gotten to know the remaining contestants more and more. I feel that Panda is the saving grace of this show so far and I really do look forward to seeing him over the coming weeks. Same goes for Rudeism and I wouldn’t be surprised if those two end up being in the final two.

An improvement I’ve really enjoyed is the shift on narratives. No longer are they focusing on petty narratives and using the narratives created by the creators in real-time.

One thing that does gripe with me though is that the challenges featured in the show don’t really address the traits of an ambassador and does tend to be plain old luck. I wish that they’d get a little bit more technical with their challenges and really try to challenge the contestants to help show whether or not they are actually fit to be Yup.gg ambassadors.

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