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New Dragon's Dogma 2 Gameplay Showcases Giant New Bosses & Trickster Vocation: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Prime Video's Fallout Series Unveils First Look At Awesome Power Armour Suits: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Zelda-Inspired Adventure RPG Faeland Enters Early Access In December: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here

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Japan’s Heisei Period Is Over; Let’s Celebrate With The Top 10 Anime Things Of That Era

It's the end of an era as Japanese imperial figure Emperor Akihito abdicates the Chrysanthemum Throne, making way for the Reiwa period which starts today. Let's celebrate with some useful anime-related stats. Like what the top ranking animes and anime heroines are from 1989 to 30 April 2019. The results may not shock

The Best Spring 2019 Anime You Should Watch

Spring 2019 has just begun and with it a ton of new anime to watch. Sure, ongoing shows are always around, but there's no harm in taking a break from Sword Art Online to check out something new. For spring, you can expect big productions from renowned studios as always, but we've also picked out several from under the

I Played & Saw A Ton Of Crazy Arcade Games & Stuff At JAEPO 2019

In case you couldn't tell from the Kakuchopurei Instagram page (yes we have that, please follow us kthanxbai), I was down in Tokyo for the JAEPO 2019 game festival arcade esports extravaganza. And there are tons to do if you love games, arcade games, cosplay, anime, and the culture. Like, a TON. There's a number of ar

Blade Chimera Is The Next 2D Search Action Indie Offering From Team Ladybug; Out 2024

The recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase has revealed Playism and Team Ladybug's latest pixel art-heavy action game: Blade Chimera. Blade Chimera is set in a futuristic world where you play a white-haired warrior with a sword that can restore the past and alter environments. Oh, and also to kill giant monsters and d

Best Nostalgic Browser Games From The 2000s

Remember the days when our gaming quests began and ended with a simple click – no installations, no downloads, just pure, unadulterated fun. Do you remember the excitement of exploring the vast world of Flash games? Picture it: you, nestled in your favourite chair, sitting in the most awkward and uncomfortable positi

Best Wholesome & Cosy Games To Play In 2023

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding peace and relaxation is crucial to our overall well-being. One way to achieve this is by playing wholesome and cosy games that offer a delightful and comforting experience. In this list, we've put together a special selection of the best cosy games to play in 2023, with the g

Sonic Mania, New Sakura Wars & More Get Big Discounts In SEGA Publisher October 2023 Sale

SEGA has recently made an exciting announcement regarding the SEGA Publisher Sale, which is currently taking place at the PlayStation Store. This sale offers a fantastic opportunity for players of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to avail themselves of over 10 titles at incredibly affordable prices. For a limited tim

Level Up with Neon Doctrine: CCO Vlad Tsypljak Talks About Game Publishing

In the gaming industry, we hear about the developers, but what about the publishing companies? The role of game publishing companies is nothing short of pivotal. These companies serve as the bridge between visionary game developers and the eager, ever-expanding audience of gamers worldwide. With strategic foresight, fi

PS Plus September 2023 Adds NieR Replicant & Other Big Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a bunch of new games coming to PlayStation Game Catalog in September 2023. All the titles will be playable from Tuesday, 19 September 2023. Check them out below: PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog*  NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… | PS4 Fight ba

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Showcases Elephant Power-Up, Talking Flowers, & More 2D Wackiness

Nintendo just released new gameplay detailing its upcoming 2D Mario game: Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The new gameplay feature shows off new power-ups, new Wonder effects from the Wonder Flower, and more. The game takes place in the Flower Kingdom, and somehow the kingdom's castle has merged with bad guy Bowser with a

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gets 4.04 Update Inspired By Netflix Series

CD Projekt RED announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gets a new update making various improvements and changes on all platforms. Netflix's The Witcher series influence the version 4.04 update content. Also included are improvements to cross-progression across platforms, and bug fixes for the Nintendo Switch versio

Six Days In Fallujah Can Be Intense But Is Severely Lacking In Content Right Now

Six Days In Fallujah is a first-person tactical shooter with a focus on realism and developed based on the true stories of more than 100 soldiers who served in the Second Battle Of Fallujah. For context, in the spring of 2004, Al Qaeda seized control of the city of Fallujah in Iraq, using it as a base to brutalize loca

The New LEGO NINJAGO Sets Come With Awesome Dragons, Mechs & More

The LEGO Ninjago franchise has been ongoing after 12 years of storylines across 16 TV seasons and 215 episodes, a movie, mini-movies, video and app games, more than 200 LEGO sets, and more. To celebrate the new era, The LEGO Company has introduced a range of new products set in the same world with returning and new cha

Trailer For New Action-RPG Testament: The Order Of High Human Drops

Let me introduce you to Fairyship Games, a cool game developer hailing from the US. These guys are all about crafting games with gripping narratives that will keep you hooked. And boy, do they have something exciting to share! Get ready for the epic action-adventure RPG called Testament: The Order of High Human, set in

Elden Ring 1.09 Update Adds Ray-Tracing Support On Current-Gen Consoles & PC

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have released the latest Elden Ring 1.09 update. Besides the usual balancing adjustments and bug fixes, the new update adds ray-tracing support for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC versions of the game. Check out the full patch notes below: Targeted Platforms PlayStation 4 / PlayStatio

[Rumour] Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC Classic Pokémon List Leaked

There's a datamine list going out online featuring a good number of returning Pokémon via the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC announced a few days ago. The DLC, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, will reintroduce older Pokémon not found in the Paldea region, like Ninetails, Seel, and Alcremie. The leaked

PS Plus Game Catalog Has Its Biggest Month Yet With Horizon Forbidden West, The Quarry & More

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for February 2023. These include: PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog Horizon Forbidden West | PS4, PS5 Join Aloy as she braves the Forbidden West – a majestic but dangerous frontier that conceals mysterious new t

Dark And Darker Guide: Tips & Tricks To Get Through This Unforgiving FPS

Dark and Darker is this year's up-and-coming PvPvE first-person action game that's all the rave online. You play as one of the few fantasy classes as you go through dungeons solo or with friends. Said dungeon is filled with traps and powerful foes, with your starting point being random as you find your way to the Blue

Modern Warfare II & Warzone 2.0 Season 2 Filled To The Brim With New Content

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is set to launch on 15 February and includes a new map to be featured in Resurgence and DMZ modes, Ranked Play with additional Multiplayer maps, and popular game modes such as Infected, Gun Game and Grind. The season offers five new functional

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog January 2023 Adds Back 4 Blood, Devil May Cry 5 & More

PlayStation has announced the January 2023 Game Catalog lineup for Extra and Premium subscribers, as well as Classics Catalog titles for Premium subscribers. PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium | Game Catalog Back 4 Blood | PS4, PS5 Join the war against the Ridden in a thrilling co-op first-person shooter fro

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