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Alice In Borderland Season 2 Premieres On Netflix This December: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Netflix's El Elegido Is An American Jesus Comic Book Adaptation Starring Namor Actor: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Narrative-Driven Game Oxenfree Is Now Available To Play On Netflix: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II Game Editions & Benefits Detailed

The new era of Call of Duty begins on October 28, 2022, with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This next game in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series can be preordered now for PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. For PC, the installment can be pre-purchased via Battle.net or Steam. The Call Of Duty Modern ...

Blizzard Is Asking People To Play Diablo 4’s Endgame Before It Comes Out

Here's a rather odd-sounding-but-logical request from Blizzard: the company wants hardcore Diablo and action RPG grinders to test out its upcoming game's endgame in a future closed beta. Blizzard really wants Diablo 4 to be relevant in the long run, moreso than its current action RPG darling Diablo 3 that's been around for 10 years plus. There w...

New Diablo 4 Test Gameplay Footage Leaks

Last weekend it was Rockstar Games with GTA 6, now it's Blizzard's turn to get their game leaked with Diablo 4. While we can't directly link to the footage without incurring the wrath of Activision Blizzard's army of lawyers like a Necromancer sending their undead upon us, you can probably find it on Reddit or someplace. The leaked Diablo 4 game...

Session Skate Sim Adds Four New Playable Skaters

With just a few days before the release of Session: Skate Sim, a new video provides a sneak peek of four new skaters in the game, which brings the total to 16 playable skaters on release. As fans of skateboarding, you probably follow what the big names are up to, such as Torey Pudwill, Nora Vasconsellos, Samarria Brevard and Ryan Thompson, and t...

Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai Gets Video Game Spin-Off

If you love the recent Dragon Quest anime on Netflix, but want a real-time playable version of it that's not on mobile, Square Enix has news for you. The company has shown off new gameplay of the upcoming video game adaptation of Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai, subtitled Infinity Strash. Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai (or ...

Valkyrie Elysium Gets Free November Update Post-Launch

Square Enix and Soleil have announced new modes and difficulties for the upcoming action RPG Valkyrie Elysium, and they're all free. Once the game is out on September, players will get the following update in early November: “Hilde’s Vengeance” – A new mode in which you play as Hilde, which offers a new action experience compared to...

Here Is Zenless Zone Zero In Action At TGS 2022

HoYoverse has published new gameplay of its brand new and upcoming action game Zenless Zone Zero, a name that doesn't make sense but at least everything else about it does. See, Zenless Zone Zero is a hack-and-slash game where you control a bunch of cyberpunk-themed misfits ranging from a giant talking bear to a pink-haired fox lady with typical...

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Opening Movie Reveals Full Launch Cast

The entire World Warriors of Street Fighter 6 are out in the open. Capcom has released the opening movie for Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode. The opening movie reveals all 18 playable characters at the game's launch: Luke, Jamie, Manon, Kimberly, Marisa, Lily, JP, Juri, Dee Jay, Cammy, Ryu, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, and ...

Genshin Impact 3.1 Update Will Be Out This September

HoyoVerse will release the next update for its JRPG Genshin Impact later this month. Genshin Impact version 3.1: King Deshret and the Three Magi will be out on 28th September. The update will extend the Sumeru area with a new desert expanse, as well as add in new Domains and dungeons like King Deshret's Mausoleum. The next Archon Quest with two ...

Genshin Impact Anime In The Works From Ufotable

During TGS 2022, Hoyoverse announced that they're working with Ufotable for a Genshin Impact anime. However, it's described as a long-term project collaboration so it might be more than just an anime. Ufotable is best known for producing anime like Fate/Zero, Demon Slayer and others. Their animation style looks like it matches that of Genshin Im...

Sonic Frontiers TGS Trailer Shows Off Super Sonic

During TGS 2022, Sega unveiled a new trailer for Sonic Frontiers, offering us our first look at Super Sonic AKA Golden Sonic AKA Super Saiyan Sonic. Sonic Frontiers is slated to release for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC on 8 November 2022. Check out the trailer & exclusive TGS 2022 gameplay below: http...

505 Games Showcases New TGS 2022 Trailers

Leading video game publisher 505 Games celebrates the conclusion of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, having showcased its largest product line-up ever at the ‘Route 505’ press event and online showcase, a testament to 505’s ongoing support for the Japan and Asia markets. The publisher shared content from a wide variety of upcoming titles, in...

Konami Announces Suikoden I & II HD Remaster

During TGS 2022, Konami announced Suikoden I & II HD Remaster Gate Rune And Dunan Unification Wars. It's coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2023. The legendary Konami JRPGs Suikoden I and Suikoden II have now been remastered in HD. Suikoden I originally launched in 1995 while Suikoden II originally released in 1...

Octopath Traveler II Will Feature More Music, Side Dungeons, & Character Interactions

While it's good to know that Square Enix is making a sequel to Octopath Traveler, little is known about it apart from its new characters and retained HD 2D art style. Famitsu recently conducted an exclusive interview with Square Enix regarding the project. Here's what we know (via Reddit): The decision to make Octopath Traveler 2 happened s...

Uncharted Legacy Of Thieves Collection Launches On PC Next Month

During TGS 2022, Naughty Dog announced that the Uncharted Legacy Of Thieves Collection arrives on PC on 19 October 2022. PC gamers will be able to experience Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer’s globe-trotting adventures in this collection that includes the remastered and PC-optimized, full-length, single-player games, Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End and ...

Street Fighter 6 Brings In Ken, E.Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim, & Customizable Protagonists Into The Ring

Capcom just showcased new gameplay and characters for its upcoming 2D fighting game Street Fighter 6. For starters, there will be four new fighters entering the fray, or at least those from the original Street Fighter 2. We have Ken, Dhalsim, Blanka, and E.Honda entering the fray. So far, they seem similar to their SF4 and SF5 counterparts, t...

Resident Evil 4 Remake Confirms PS4 Version, RE Showcase Coming Next Month

During the Capcom TGS 2022 live stream, Capcom confirmed that the Resident Evil 4 Remake will be receiving a PS4 version alongside its previously announced PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Steam) versions on 24 March 2023. Capcom also announced that it will host a Resident Evil Showcase live stream in October, where it will share more news. ...

Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion Launches Next Month

During Capcom TGS 2022 live stream, Capcom announced that Resident Evil Village Winters' Expansion is launching on 28 October 2022 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with a bunch of new content. Shadows Of Rose is a sequel to the story in Resident Evil Village, featuring an adult Rose Winters (Resident Evil Village protagonist ...

Star Ocean 6 TGS 2022 Trailer Digs Up Star Ocean History, Demo Out Next Week

Square Enix just revealed the story trailer of its upcoming sci-fi JRPG Star Ocean: The Divine Force (or Star Ocean 6), which is what happens when you mix Star Trek with Final Fantasy plus action RPG combat with a JRPG group. The story trailer introduces a new female character - Marielle L. Kenny - voiced by Fairouz Ai (of JoJo's Bizarre Adventu...

Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 Update Adds Artificial Island Map & More

Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio revealed the 1.5 update for Tower Of Fantasy, the smash hit open-world MMORPG with more than 10 million registered global players. The update brings players a host of in-game events, a new 8-person boss raid, a new character and weapon and a new area to explore, the Artificial Island. Tower Of Fan...

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