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The First Four Eliminations Of M4

Day 3 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s M4 World Championship was do-or-die for the eight teams competing in Round 1 of the lower bracket as four of them end their run in the tournament.

With the games only being a Best of 3, there was no room for mistakes. But looking at the results it seemed that all the teams that progressed to the next round deserved it as none of the games went to a Game 3.


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RSG Singapore vs. S11 Gaming

The M4 World Championship came to a premature end for RSG Singapore as they became the first team to be eliminated at the Knockout Stage. They suffered a crushing defeat against Argentina’s S11 Gaming in the Lower Bracket round, losing 2-0. Unfortunately, RSG Singapore’s Gold Laner, Jovan “Babycakes” Ong was unable to compete directly on stage for undisclosed reasons., which likely contributed to the team’s loss.

S11 Gaming put on a fantastic performance, with player Darien “Chan” Barraza playing a key role in their victory. In the first match, Chan’s mastery of the hero Yve resulted in a win for S11 Gaming, and in the second match, S11 Gaming’s Rodrigo “Erwin” Herenu’s Khufra dominated the battlefield, tearing through RSG Singapore’s defences and securing the team’s elimination from the tournament. With this loss, RSG Singapore’s journey ends with a ranking of 12-16 in this season of the M4 World Championship.

Game 1

The initial match between the two teams was quite a nail-biter, with both teams putting up a strong performance. RSG Singapore brought out some of their best heroes, including Martis, Beatrix, Lylia, Yu Zhong, and Chou, in an attempt to secure the win. On the other hand, S11 Gaming countered this strategy by fielding two marksmen in the form of Benedentta and Grock, along with Yve, Granger, and Brody.

As the match progressed to the mid-game, S11 Gaming began to demonstrate the effectiveness of their strategy. The movement of Yve, played by Chan was particularly disruptive and created problems for RSG Singapore. Additionally, the successful capture of the second Lord by S11 Gaming made it much easier for them to destroy the base turrets of RSG Singapore, helping them secure a lead over their opponents.

In the end, the Argentines were able to close out the match in the 17th minute after Chan managed to secure a Maniac and defeated the opposing team. This concluded the match with a final score of 1-0 in favour of S11 Gaming.

Game 2

S11 Gaming’s win in the first game gave them a boost in confidence, as they came out looking more dominant in the next match right from the start. Chan and his teammates were quickly able to assert their dominance over RSG Singapore, leaving them far behind. The match didn’t last long, with Erwin playing as Khufra, he successfully got First Blood on opposing Jungler quite early in the match.

This defeat was a significant blow for RSG Singapore, especially given they had previously secured the enemy’s, Purple Buff. After that point, S11 Gaming became even more aggressive and just 11 minutes into the match, they had amassed a gold lead of 10,000 over their opponents.

Knowing they were far behind, the players from RSG Singapore attempted to make a comeback by securing the second Lord and attacking the opponent’s base turrets. However, this move proved to be futile as S11 Gaming was able to end the match in just 13 minutes

In the match, Erwin’s Khufra received a lot of attention for his precise skill usage and ability to create momentum for his team. As a result, he was named the Most Valuable Player of the second match. Additionally, this win secures S11 Gaming’s spot to continue competing in the M4 World Championship.


Incendio Supremacy vs. MDH Esports

The second match of the Lower Bracket stage was between Turkey’s Incendio Supremacy and Vietnam’s MDH Esports. Previously Incendio Supremacy defeated Falcon Esports in the Group Stage, but as all three teams ended with the same number of points, Incendio Supremacy, Falcon Esports, and Blacklist International had to participate in a Tiebreaker round. Despite having a strong performance in the Group Stage, Incendio Supremacy was not able to win both matches, which led them to continue their journey in the M4 World Championship through the Lower Bracket, where they faced MDH Esports. Applying the Best of 3 system, Incendio Supremacy were able to claim a 2-0 landslide victory against MDH Esports.

Game 1

The match between the two teams in the Lower Bracket was intense. In the first game, Incendio Supremacy adopted the meta-healer strategy that Blacklist International used when facing RRQ Akira.

The team from Incendio Supremacy used a lineup of Estes, Lesley, Grock, Martis, and Valentina, while MDH Esports tried to counter this with Xavier, Lolita, Hayabusa, Claude, and Fredrinn.

The match was evenly matched from the start, with both teams exchanging blows. However, Incendio Supremacy’s Tienzy managed to initiate a play that opened up opportunities for Incendio Supremacy, which they capitalized on and ultimately resulted in a win for them.

Game 2

In the second match, Incendio Supremacy abandoned their meta healer strategy and instead secured Gloo, Kaja, Pharsa, Brody, and Leomord as their Jungler. MDH Esports, on the other hand, used the heroes Karrie, Khufra, Faramis, Aamon, and Benedetta in their lineup.

In this match, Incendio Supremacy again set the pace of the game, building on their confidence from the previous match. They were able to maintain their dominance and played the match objectively. As the first Lord was defeated, Incendio Supremacy set their focus on destroying MDH Esports’ base turret. Despite MDH Esports’ solid defence, Incendio Supremacy was able to take advantage of GNART‘s blunder on Khufra and secure a landslide 2-0 victory.


The Valley vs. Burn x Team Flash

The Valley had a strong performance in the Lower Bracket Knockout Stage of the M4 World Championship, despite a rough showing in the Group Stage. They had high expectations of easily securing a spot in the Upper Bracket, but ended up losing twice, to RRQ Akira and Team HAQ.

This led them to the Lower Bracket where they faced off against Burn x Team Flash. In this match, The Valley once again demonstrated their dominance, easily stopping their opponents.

The Gold Laner for The Valley, Peter “Basic” Lozanoachieved Maniac twice in the second match and was close to achieving a Savage at the end of the game. Unfortunately, his Savage was stolen by his teammate, Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl’s Esmeralda.

Game 1

The match between The Valley and Burn X Flash in the opening match was challenging and intense. Up until the 13th minute, both teams had an equal number of kills with 4 to 3. Both teams preferred to play objectively, but during the struggle for the second Lord, the teams were inescapable to fight each other.

Burn x Team Flash suffered a significant loss as they were unable to secure Lord and lost two of their players. Seeing this opportunity and with Lord heading towards the Bottom Lane, The Valley destroyed the opponent’s turrets one by one.

The great initiation by FwydChickn put Burn X Flash on the back foot, especially when The Valley successfully defeated the opponent’s high-ground heroes and became more confident to attack the Burn x Team Flash base turrets. As a result, The Valley were able to destroy the enemy’s defence line and secure their first victory.

Game 2

In the second match, Basic’s Karrie was absolutely outstanding. The Valley, who started off the match playing at a slower tempo, now appeared more confident. From an objective point of view, the two teams were evenly matched. Burn x Team Flash was able to save Turtle more than The Valley.

But as the match progressed to the mid-game, The Valley’s dominance grew after they secured the first Lord. Burn x Team Flash attempted to push back The Valley’s players but made a blunder which Basic was able to capitalize on by using Karrie, and managed to get his second Maniac, and almost got a Savage but was thwarted by his own teammate FwydChickn.

Despite this, The Valley were able to win and move on to the next round. They will be facing TODAK in the next match.


Malvinas Gaming vs. Occupy Thrones

Occupy Thrones are the sole representative of the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. As they travelled a long distance to participate, they were determined not to return home empty-handed. Their first match in the Lower Bracket was against Malvinas Gaming from Peru.

Game 1

If one were to compare the kills between Occupy Thrones and Malvinas Gaming in their two matches, the former were almost never superior. However, luck seemed to be on the side of the team from MENA, as seen in the first match, Lio, the Jungler of Occupy Thrones, managed to backdoor and secure the first point for his team even though they were under attack.

Game 2

The second match was a closely contested match that lasted for a long time. Both teams secured Lord twice but neither were able to win the match. The turning point came when, with the help of the fifth Lord, Occupy Thrones succeeded in breaking down Malvinas Gaming’s defence line, securing the victory and full points for them, and forcing Malvinas Gaming out of the M4 World Championship.

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