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Korean Artist Kim Jung Gi Has Passed Away: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Woman King Delayed To February 2023 In Malaysia: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Star Wars Andor Episode 5 Breakdown & Easter Eggs: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
You Can Dress As Hololive VTubers In Among Us

With the release of version v2022.9.20, Among Us announces its new Cosmicube Collaboration with Hololive Production that introduces your favourite Hololive VTubers as skins. The Hololive Production Cosmicube is priced at 110 Stars, which is the premium currency that was introduced into Among Us in late 2021. Luckily unlike other in-game marketpl...

VTuber Ironmouse Gets Her Own Adorable Nendoroid

Good Smile Company has announced that VTuber Iron Mouse is getting her own Nendoroid figure. According to the official page, she comes with three interchangeable face plates including a standard face, a smirking face and a blushing face. She also comes with her buddy Bubi, a slice of pizza and a microphone as optional parts. She is pr...

Hololive English VTuber Tsukumo Sana To Graduate Soon

Tsukomo Sana of Hololive English will be graduating from the VTuber group on 31st July according to a recent YouTube announcement she uploaded. Cover Corporation, the group that runs Hololive, has discussed "the direction of her activities". And due to the VTuber facing difficulties in continuing her streams, the company has allowed her to gradu...

HoloCure To Get New Content Update & Fubuki This August

The hit Vampire Survivors clone-but-with-Hololive-VTubers fangame HoloCure is getting a ton of buzz for its lovely graphics and addictive survive-til-you-die gameplay. So it's good to know that there's new content oncoming. According to its creator Kay Yu on Twitter, the HoloCure game will be getting new stages, enemies, and related content arou...

VSHOJO Welcomes New Members Kson & Amemiya Nazuna

VSHOJO, home to big Vtuber talents such as IronMouse, Projekt Melody, and Nyatasha Nyanners, recently announced new additions members to their family: Kson and Amemiya Nazuna! https://twitter.com/VShojoOfficial/status/1543285476949463041 The announcement was made on 2nd July 2022 at Anime Expo 2022 accompanied by Kson appearing at their booth...

Air Asia VTuber Aozora Kurumi Announces Graduation Next Month

On the noon of 4th of July, Project Kawaii by Air Asia announced on their Twitter the graduation of their first ever Vtuber Idol, Aozora Kurumi. This has shocked many of her fans as it comes shortly after her return from hiatus on the 1st of July in the same week. Kurumates (Kurumi’s fanbase) were saddened by the sudden news but also respects ...

HoloCure Guide: How To Survive The VTuber Apocalypse

HoloCure is a free game you can check out now which plays similarly to another 2D action title: Vampire Survivors. In HoloCure, you pick any of the VTubers to survive the stage you're in, collecting experience points and weapons while defeating enemies with your auto-attacks as you move around the giant battlefield. The game's creator is Kay Yu,...

HoloCure Is Basically Vampire Survivors, But With VTubers & A Broken Leaderboard

We've talked a bit about the potential 2022 GOTY candidate Vampire Survivors, which is a top-down 2D action game where you survive against hordes of the undead clearly tailored after Castlevania sprites. The game is so popular (and insanely cheap on Steam) that it inspired a clone that's using VTubers and Hololive characters. That clone is c...

A Hatsune Miku Game Just Surprise-Launched Onto The PC

Sega has released a PC port of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+ on Steam, available for purchase right now. Yes, the same rhythm game featuring vocaloid Hatsune Miku and the old "press buttons and flying inputs in accordance to the beat" mechanic you know and love. The PC version costs US$39.99/RM149 and has over 170 songs with two visual mo...

Sega Releases VTuber-Style Series Featuring Sonic’s Buddy Tails

Miles Tails Prowler is getting his own YouTube VTuber series answering a buttload of Sega questions. The show is made by Sega and is called TailsTube, with the first episode out now. The questions in the segment are mostly about the Sonic games lore, and especially about why Sonic drives a car in the Sonic All-Star Racing titles. His answer? ...

VTuber Rushia Is Terminated From Hololive For Leaking Private Info

VTuber Uruha Rushia, known for being the "boing boing" girl, recently had her contract with Hololive Production terminated for allegedly violating it and leaking private information. Hololive Production stated the following about the termination: Regarding ‘Uruha Rushia,’ it has been apparent for some time that she has been distrib...

VTuber Minato Aqua Gets New Concert Figure In 2023

Hololive VTuber Minato Aqua will be getting a new figure based on her first solo live concert back in August 2020. Good Smile Company will be releasing the Minato Aqua: Aqua Iro Super Dream scale figure in Japan and North America on February and April 2023 respectively. You can pre-order it for US$274.99 right now. This 1/7th scale detailed f...

Hololive Super Expo 2022: The Full Schedule

Hololive will be hosting its 2022 major VTuber concert dubbed Hololive Super Expo 2022. The concert will feature virtual streamers and stars will be performing a variety of songs on stage. It's also the third fest VTuber concert that's existed so far. Here are the major details. More information will be added over time: Date & Time: 19...

China’s VTuber Pop Group A-Soul To Make An Online MMO World A Reality

Remember that movie Ready Player One where people tune into a virtual world called the Oasis which has various people interacting in a life-like virtual world featuring many, many avatars from different IPs? Remember recently when Facebook's soulless lead Mark Zuckerberg talks about the Metaverse, which is basically concepts like PlayStation Home a...

The OG VTuber Is Trying To Sell You NFTs

Et tu, virtual anime girl? The original VTuber, Kizuna AI, is going to sell NFTs to her fanbase. The virtual idol has announced a hiatus from streaming on YouTube; she will be connecting with her fans via the metaverse and NFTs transactions, with the latter being her primary focus. "I think you've been hearing words such as metaverse and NFT ...

VTuber Gawr Gura Is Now The Most-Subscribed Game Streamer On YouTube

The current winner of the most-subscribed VTuber on YouTube has been replaced. Kizuna A.I, who has 2.97 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, has been dethroned by Hololive EN shark queen Gawr Gura. She has 3 million subscribers. Kizuna A.I. is a pioneer in the VTuber field, so this is obviously no small feat for both these virtual ladies ...

Kiryu Coco Leaves Hololive In Emotional Farewell Stream That Peaked Over 491,000 Viewers

VTuber Kiryu Coco is leaving Hololive after 2 years of playing games and entertaining viewers everywhere with her well-endowed antics and cartwheels. The news was announced early June, with the reason of her early retirement being kept private. Her final graduation livestream was aired a couple of hours ago, and it was emotional and heartwarming...

Unreleased Samsung Girl For Bixby Takes World By Storm

If there's one constant in the world, it's the fact that people will go head over heels over a pretty face, even if it's virtual. The Hololive and VTuber phenomenon is proof of that. Also, if you have ideas of giving your hardware and phone voice assistant a bit of T&A, odds are you'll create a few cults of worship for said avatar. Samsung t...

All The Good Smile Company & Max Factory Toys & Figurines Revealed During WonHobby 33

We do miss checking out offline toy exhibitions and bazaars since the pandemic hit. It's a good thing Good Smile Company and Max Factory Toys are showing off their latest gaming, anime, and Hololive VTuber figure line and toys online! All these awesome toy line pics are during the WonHobby 33 exhibition during Tokyo's Wonder Festival. Here's a p...

AirAsia Takes Off On VTuber Bandwagon With Aozora Kurumi [Update]

AirAsia is set to introduce its first virtual idol, Aozora Kurumi ushering in a new age of streaming content in ASEAN. The virtual idol is part of AirAsia's Project Kavvaii, a programme to discover and develop the next big virtual idol in Asean launched in March this year. Clad in a Victorian-style outfit with her trusted pet Jetson, Aozora Kurumi...

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