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Halo Infinite Weapons & Power Items Guide: The Best Ones To Use In Multiplayer

Halo Infinite is out now in open beta form and its multiplayer is free-to-play, so you have no excuse not to miss out on this wild ride. Long story short: this is the comeback Halo needs as it plays really well, has great netcode, and is fun with loads of people on a map to team up and/or kill.

As with any new first-person shooter, there are weapons to use and master. Before we list out the weapons and equipment, here’s one general rule you need to follow:

Master Your Basic Weapons & Melee

The weapons you start off with are the Assault Rifle(AR) and MK50 Sidekick. At times, you will probably switch your AR with the Battle Rifle or VK47 Commando rifle because they’re readily available and there’s a good chance a dead Spartan might drop that.

Halo is also the series that made melee very strong; two hits and your enemy is down. You will need to master the art of shooting someone and then immediately meleeing them when they’re pretty close. It takes a lot of practice to master this dance, and you will die a lot just getting the hang of the dance of death where you fire, go back and forth, go flanking, then homing in for the melee when your enemy’s shield is empty.

A good way to ensure you survive this deadly tango more often than not is to have a firm grasp of the reach of your melee hits. Players with a weak understanding of this tend to try closing in which is suicidal.

Practice All Weapons On The Weapon Drill

Halo Infinite also introduces the Weapon Drill mode in its training options: you can play through a bunch of weapon challenges for a high score. The Weapon Drills also let you experiment with the weapons so that you can get a feel for them in a non-PvP setting. Get all your weapon practice on this mode. Learn the recoil patterns and as a rule of thumb, try not to fully squeeze the trigger.

When you start a PvP round, almost everyone will go after a Power Weapon by default. This means while one or two enemy Spartans will chase them down, you can ambush them with your default weapons with your own team. One common tactic is to load up the area with a grenade or two; you can down enemies quick enough and then steal their Power Weapon for your team’s benefit.

If You’re Not Good With A Weapon, Drop It For Your Pal

Arm your allies by dropping guns for them. Press and hold the Weapon Swap button to drop the weapon you’re holding (Y on Xbox controller, V on keyboard). Better for your teammate who’s a crackshot with a sniper rifle to handle that rather than you struggling with it.

With that said, let’s break down each weapon and equipment.

UNSC/Spartan Weapons

Assault Rifle (AR)

Old faithful. Master its range and aiming. You’ll be relying on this since it’s your starting weapon. A solid all-rounder for close and medium-range fights. Can surprising pick off opponents from far away too if your aim is godlike.

MK50 Sidekick

Another old faithful. We used to call this the Magnum. It does strong headshot damage and has a decent fire rate (12 shots in a full magazine), but its range is mid to close. If your primary gun is close to empty (prompting a reload), switch to the Sidekick to deal the finishing shot.

Switching to a pistol is faster than reloading your primary gun. And as FPS games do, headshots are punchier than your average body shots.

Battle Rifle (BR)

The BR is also another classic weapon in the Halo franchise. If you can’t handle the game’s Sniper Rifle recoil and firing rate, the BR is the next best thing for long-ranged combat. This weapon rewards accuracy, so you’ll get lots of kills if you can handle its recoil and range.

VK47 Commando

A hybrid between an AR and a BR, this precision tactical rifle has a fully automatic firing mode and a 3x tactical optic sight, but has a slower fire rate and high recoil. To compensate for this, practice single shots in quick successions.

Bulldog Shotgun

A classic Halo weapon, this shotgun has pump action but it’s fully automatic this time around. It fires much faster and sports 7 rounds. It cannot kill enemy Spartans with one shot, but at least its range is buffed so you can unload 2 shots at mid-range before going for a melee kill.

Just like with any shotgun in an FPS, this gun works best in corridors and corners. Do not use this in an open field; you might as well be a sitting duck when other enemies have long-ranged BRs to pick you off.

S7 Sniper Rifle

The classic S7 sniper rifle has 4 rounds in its magazine, a couple of zoom options, and can one-shot anyone if you’re aiming for the head. If you’ve used this in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, it’s pretty much the same weapon here. In fact, this weapon can still penetrate multiple targets so it is possible to multi-kill enemies in a single firing line.

SPNKr Rocket Launcher

The game’s rocket launcher. Very effective and has decent splash damage. Best weapons for multikill frenzies and against vehicles in Big Team Battle. The splash is damaging, so be careful not to fire this too close. In 1v1 situations, it’s always best to aim for the floor or the wall closest to your opponents.


This rocket launcher/grenade launcher hybrid fires small micro-missiles that can lock onto enemy infantry. This weapon has two firing modes: normal mode that shoots rockets incredibly fast, and tracking mode that locks onto targets. Normal mode deals more damage than tracking mode. We recommend using this in closed quarters – like when your enemies are bunched up in a room or direct hit to any vehicle.

Banished Weapons

Pulse Carbine

This weapon is a combination of Halo’s Plasma Rifle and Covenant Carbine. Close-to-medium range, burst-fire, and takes down shields super quick. The weapon can overheat, though it doesn’t need reloading. This is another weapon benefiting from not holding down the trigger when firing.


This awesome rapid-fire SMG is back. This version of the Needler has 26 rounds and fires quicker than past iterations, while also having homing properties when the reticle is red and on an enemy. Land enough hits with the gun and it’ll make your target explode in a classic pink mist. This weapon is meant for close-quarter combat, so don’t use it at mid-range or long-range. Great for chasing enemies down corners.

Plasma Pistol

The energy handgun of the series can no longer EMP vehicles. Still, this handgun has its uses: you can charge up and fire off an EMP shot to take down enemy shields, then switch to a precision weapon to kill them quick.

Energy Sword

A one-hit kill melee weapon with decent lunge range. You have a few uses with this weapon before it’s out of “ammo” though, so make your hits count. Best to use with Grappleshot or Thruster.

Gravity Hammer

Halo 3’s awesome shockwave AoE melee weapon is back. It’s much slower to swing compared to Halo 3’s version, but its AoE smash is slightly bigger and focused in front of you. You cannot panic-slam with this weapon as you’ll be killed by fast-gunning Spartans, so you’ll need to pre-empt your attack before charging in blindly. Still, the results are, heh, smashing if you master its timing.


A slug-shooter handgun that fires high-powered rounds. Three headshots can get you a kill in PvP, but requires precision on the player’s part.


An auto pistol that is decent against enemies in PvP because of its damage-over-time shock effect. The Disruptor is better against vehicles since it can EMP them, disabling it while you kill its driver/pilot and hijack it for yourself. Best to use in Big Team Battle, since the majority of players will be using a vehicle or two in there.

Shock Rifle

A long-ranged weapon, this special Banished sniper rifle can still one-shot enemies via headshots. Its Shock damage can arc between nearby enemies so you can soften nearby targets up for nearby allies. Most importantly, the Shock Rifle can disable vehicles.


A slow-firing long-range weapon that replaces the Beam Rifle sniper in past Halo games. This weapon is more of a marksman kind of rifle, so it’s best to pick off enemies from afar bit by bit while letting your team on the ground finish them off. The weapon can overheat if you fire it too fast in rapid succession. It also takes a while to vent too, so keep in mind that the gun has 7 rounds before it overheats.


A new Banished grenade launcher that packs a punch. it fires a volley of exploding plasma balls. If you charge it, you can fire one big plasma ball that leaves a burning pool on the ground; great for controlling space in capture maps and Big Team Battles where you see a bunch of enemy Spartans trying to commandeer a vehicle.


This power weapon works like a sniper rifle, but for vehicles. You can one-shot weaker vehicles and heavily damage bigger ones like the Warthog. Spartans go down like flies with this. However, it only has one shot in the magazine, so you better find a good place to hide while you reload it.

Forerunner Weapons


This plasma gun can fire in a vertical or horizontal “straight line” pattern; you can switch between firing modes using the aim/iron sights button. You can kill enemy Spartans with two shots of the vertical firing mode. If you see more than one enemy Spartan, switch to horizontal firing mode to cover more areas. The plasma projectiles can also ricochet off walls, so using it in a room can lead to a lot of bouncing projectiles shenanigans.

Sentinel Beam

A laser gun that saps shield really quick. Mid to long-range weapon. Can penetrate targets, so you can line it up to hit multiple foes in a straight line.


A pretty good anti-Spartan grenade launcher. This requires skill to use as it can bounce and ricochet off of surfaces and cover. Landing two direct hits onto something is guaranteed to kill it. The Cindershot also has an alternate firing mode that converts the grenades into laser-guided micro-missiles.


Halo Infinite has seven equipment/gadgets that you can score for that added PvP advantage. Some are old while others are new. Any equipment item in the game is automatically picked up unless you have it stored. The number on the bottom right next to your grenade counter tells you how many uses it has.

You can only hold 1 at a time though, but you can use a piece of Power equipment, then pick up a different equipment item while the Power equipment is active. All equipment items have short cooldowns between use, with the exception of Overshield and Active Camo. Some are barely noticeable like the Grappleshot while the Drop Wall has quite a wait.

Here’s a breakdown of each of them.


Default number of uses: 3
Max number: 5

The highlight of the Halo Infinite campaign trailer, you can use this grappling hook in multiplayer. You can grapple enemies to close in for a melee/close-ranged kill (ie: Energy Sword), use it to quickly travel across the map, or climb up hard-to-reach ledges for perfect sniping spots. You can even pick up weapons and CTF flags from afar. When your targeting reticle is a yellow dot when you have the hook equipped, that’s to tell you that the target is in range of your hook.

Keep in mind that you can cut the line early by pressing the equipment button again or the crouch button. You can also break the grappling line if you look away from the hook point too much. Use this if an enemy sees you coming and you want to cut your trajectory short for fear of being a clay pigeon.

Drop Wall

Default number of uses: 2
Max number: 3

This equipment is a one-way shield that serves as temporary cover you can use anywhere on the ground. You can shoot through the shield from the back but not the front. It’s also not a solid object, so enemies and vehicles can pass through.

The shield is divvied up into 15 panels, with each panel only being able to take up to 3 Assault Rifle shots before it dissipates.

Threat Sensor

Default number of uses: 2
Max number: 4

A piece of equipment that can reveal the positions of nearby enemies. The sensor pulses for six seconds, giving you some time to survey the area. The sensor does not counter Active Camo, so be mindful.


Default number of uses: 3
Max number: 5

This piece of equipment gives you a couple of charges that make you do a short-range rapid dash. It’s the game’s evasion tool that can help thrown an enemy’s aim off while also taking cover nearby. You can also use the Thruster to close the gap between you and an enemy, if you happen to use a Shotgun or an Energy Sword.


A classic power-up. Classified as a Power Equipment, so 1 use only. Adds an extra layer of shielding to your health bar that decays over time; about 40 seconds to fully decay. This makes you twice as hard to kill, so activate it when you’re in a group fight, or if you feel that you can take on three enemy Spartans from behind and need insurance.

Active Camo

This power-up is classified as a Power Equipment, so it’s 1 use only. Using this makes you almost invisible for 30 seconds. You’ll be hard to spot, but the invisibility temporarily stops if you shoot your weapon, melee, throw a grenade, or sprint. If you walk normally with it, you’ll stay near-invisible. You also won’t show up on enemy radar. The only way your opponent can spot you is if they can see the slight faint shimmering that’s from your Active Camo.


Default number of uses: 3
Max number: 5

Use the Repulsor to fire out a wrist-mounted blast that knocks things back. Works on enemy Spartans and vehicles, as well as grenades and rockets. You can also boop enemies off the map ala Overwatch’s Lucio with the Repulsor. If your opponent has no shield, you can boop them onto a wall to kill them.

Halo Infinite Weapon Tier List

  1. Battle Rifle – Best precision weapon that isn’t the sniper rifle.
  2. Rocket Launcher – Best Power Weapon so far; great for multikills and for anything.
  3. Skewer – Like a sniper rifle, but for vehicles as well. Yes, you can multikill a bunch of Spartans riding a Warthog with a well-timed shot from this thing.
  4. Assault Rifle – Best default weapon. Most games are won by people just sticking to their guns, literally.
  5. Heatwave -Best weapon to use in a room and in close-quarters. Alternate between horizontal and vertical fire modes depending on the situation.
  6. Cindershot – A Power Weapon that requires a bit more skill, but can still wreck teams nonetheless. Play the Weapon Drills to practice and perfect your usage of this killer weapon.

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