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Survival Horror Crow Country is Coming to Xbox Series in May: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Open-World RPG Cat Quest 3 Launches This August: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // A Yars Rising Reboot Is Coming From Atari & Shantae Dev WayForward: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
LimboLane’s Games Are Full Of Charm (and Teeth)

You can make magic happen with just two people in sync. Case in point: our developer duo of the week. LimboLane is an American indie duo, with Day Lane based in New York City, and Yugo Limbo living in Seattle. The duo met on Tumblr and quickly started making all sorts of games that have a distinct type of charm to them, as well as a lovely kind ...

Meet The New Faces Of IGDA Malaysia

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is known to have different chapters across different countries, acting as a resource channel, support network, and community hub for game developers across the country - the Malaysian chapter is no different, known mostly for organizing the Game Dev Hangout events throughout the year. They also c...

Cleaning Up Your Mess: A Chat With The Maker Of Monster Mop Up

Monster Mop Up is an upcoming title by Terahard Ltd, coming straight out of London. The game features you, a monster agent of the Ministry of Monster Concealment, out to rescue the little Ragamuffins and clean up after them as you go. We had the opportunity to speak with Terahard Ltd’s CEO, Aris Tsevrenis, and find out more about how this mons...

Mythwrecked’s Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou & Finding Your Game’s Voice

Polygon Treehouse is a small but mighty studio out of the United Kingdom, and Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou is helping to steer the ship. From student to Sony, the developer’s journey has now firmly landed him as co-founder and Lead Developer of an award-winning indie studio. We had the opportunity to talk to Alex about his game development journey, a...

Clam Man 2: Headliner’s Creator On Stand-Up Comedy & Standing Out

Clam Man 2: Headliner, is an upcoming narrative RPG where a clam man quits his job to become a standup comedian. That’s basically it, but also it’s basically so much more. From starting out as a joke, to becoming a fully fleshed-out world to explore, Clam Man is out to steal your heart, and make you laugh while it happens. We had the opport...

Southeast Asia Cyberpunk: How Indie Title Rendezvous Was Made

Rendezvous by Pendopo Multi Creations is a tale of action, suspense, tragedy, and high tension - all against the backdrop of cyberpunk Neo-Surabaya. The setting adds to the story, and the story took the gaming scene by storm upon the game’s release earlier this year. We had the chance to speak with Akbar from Pendopo Multi Creations (also know...

The Compelling & Breathtaking Works Of Mojiken Studios

Mojiken Studio has been around a lot longer than you might realize. The Indonesian game studio, based out of sunny Surabaya, has been alive and kicking since 2013. Originally an outsource studio for illustration work, now the studio is known for being behind the global hit A Space for the Unbound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QYVQhVd_-M&...

Spelling Out the Success of the Chef’s Shift

The Chef’s Shift by Panitia GameDev is a typing game where you’ll cook fun foods and serve them to customers, also there’s mention of the mafia. It was previously a game jam game, and it’s being expanded into a full project. On top of that, the Chef’s Shift is the latest recipient of the Toge Game Fund Initiative by Toge Productions. W...

The Master’s Pupil Takes You Across The Monet-Verse

Have you seen The Master’s Pupil on social media? It's an amazing-looking game that takes you through the eyeball of French painter Claude Monet, painstakingly created through a mixture of both digital and traditional mediums by solo developer Pat Naoum. It’s impossible to not look at the game and its development cycle and not be in constant aw...

Changing The Game & Beyond With Artist Jaime Lau

Art is sometimes described as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination; a medium that transcends various experiences and senses, ultimately coming together to make something transformative in some shape, way, or form. Jaime Lau is one such transformative artist, a concept artist by trade, but an artistic dynamo of an ar...

Dream-Like & Colourful: The Art of 4threset

Even if you’ve never heard of 4threset, you might have seen their work. 4threset has been a prominent figure in Malaysia’s ACG (anime, comics, games) community for several years now, and has served as a concept artist and illustrator for local video games and tabletop as well. What’s their secret to success, and how did they get here? Webt...

The Melancholic Story Behind Last Time I Saw You

Last Time I Saw You is an upcoming narrative game by Maboroshi Artworks, telling a melancholic story of heartbreak and emotion, set in Japan in the late 80s. The art style of the game radiates a sense of warmth, and the story is set to tug at your heartstrings. We had the chance to do a quick interview with game director Juan Fandiño, and ask a...

Chow Down with Wombok Games, The Developer Behind Fire Eating Noodle Champs

The heatwave isn’t the only hot thing around - have you heard of Fire Eating Noodle Champs by solo developer Wombok Games? Who can eat these spicy noodles the fastest? Only one way to find out! Made in one week, the indie hit has spawned not only the original digital version - available to play for free! - but now a new dice-based version that...

All Hail The Claw! Behold: The Development Of Crab God

Crab God is an upcoming atmospheric underwater god game, where you’re the Crab God and you’ve got to save the seas for your children. Build beautiful coral reefs, grow your crabby religion, and explore a hostile, yet beautiful ocean world The game is currently in development by Chaos Theory, an Australian game development studio. We were luc...

Get Ready to Serve with Suku Suku Separuh, An Upcoming Educational Game

Picture this; in the school canteen, hungry kids waiting for their meal. You’re the kakak in charge of serving them, and you’ve also got to make sure they eat something balanced; all good for their growing bodies and changing minds. All within a time limit, too!  Enter: Suku Suku Separuh (translation: Quarter Quarter Half), a new edutainmen...

Bringing Troublemaker’s Budi To Life: An Interview With Abel Valentino

Troublemaker is one of the hottest games coming out of Indonesia right now, following new kid Budi, and his fight to the top of the high school food chain. The game has a distinct spirit of nostalgia, and has a fun setting and characters. You can find our review of the game here. We had the opportunity to do a quick interview with Budi’s Indon...

Meet Noble Steed Games: Designers, Developers, & Consultants

Coming out of Australia is Noble Steed Games - previously No Moss Studios - a development studio and consultancy that provides various services to studios worldwide, alongside making their own original works. This relatively small team has had a massive impact on the industry, and continues to do a great service to the weird and wonderful world of ...

Fishbowl is a Game About the Impact of Grief

Games about difficult feelings, such as grief, are not difficult to find within the games space - especially now, with the global pandemic having effectively robbed the majority of us of so much. As a form of art, it isn’t uncommon to find people making games as a means of expressing ourselves, especially during these times. The two-person stu...

Soul Searching: A Peek Behind Indie Game Spirit Interlude

Spirit Interlude is a relaxed and cozy autobattler filled to the brim with spirits to discover, each with their own abilities. You can assemble and split your team into unique patterns that perform attack and defence, and the game allows for you to play in a casual way, or in a way that puts your tactical brain to work. It ultimately follows your p...

We Talk To The Makers Of Katana Rama About “Carrying Forward, But Not Starting Over”

Vie Eik is no stranger to game development, having previously worked on multiple AAA titles as an animator. However, he’s now at the helm of Ghost Machine - a new indie studio founded by multiple Malaysian game industry veterans, working on their first game - the upcoming Katana Rama. We had the chance to sit in on his recent university sharin...

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