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MultiVersus Hits 10 Million Player Milestone In 3 Weeks; Still Not Out Yet In Southeast Asia: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Subnautica Studio Will Reveal New Sci-Fi Game At Gamescom: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Apex Legends Hunted Update Now Live: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Far Cry 6 Is Free-To-Play Again This Weekend

Ubisoft has come out and announced that Far Cry 6 is now available for pre-load in anticipation for the game to be free-to-play again from 4 August until 7 August 2022. YOU CAN CHECK OUT OUR REVIEW ON FAR CRY 6 That's right, you will be able to play Far Cry 6 for free during the aforementioned dates on the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, a...

Far Cry 6 Free Weekend Begins Tomorrow

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 6 will be available to play for free from 24 March to 27 March 2022 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, as well as PC through the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. New players can pre-load the game now and will have access to the full game, including all free downloadable content published to date - a...

Far Cry 6’s Joseph Seed DLC Will Be Out Next Week

That was quick. Hot off the heels of the Pagan Min DLC, the next Far Cry 6 DLC may be out sooner than expected. Ubisoft announced that the Far Cry 6 DLC titled Joseph: Collapse will be out on 8 February for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, and PS5. https://twitter.com/Ubisoft/status/1489282920128950276 The DLC will be focused on Far Cry 5's...

Far Cry 6: Pagan Min DLC Guide – How To Take Control Of This Roguelike

The next DLC for Far Cry 6 is out now, and it features Far Cry 4's most charismatic despot of Kyrat: Pagan Min. In the DLC, you play as the titular tyrant who has to get out of his warped mind in roguelike shooter fashion. You can purchase permanent powerups (like more health, health syringes, and gadget slots) and get equipped with the best wea...

Far Cry 6’s Pagan Min DLC Will Be Out Next Week

Ubisoft has announced that its next Far Cry 6 DLC will be out soon this month. The DLC, Pagan Min: Control, will be out on 11 January and is part of the Far Cry 6 Season Pass for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. "Players will embody Pagan Min, the iconic villain from Far Cry 4, in a brand-new experience inspired by the roguelite genr...

You Can Now Team Up With Danny Trejo In Far Cry 6

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition will launch today, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game will be available as a standalone purchase or free as part of the Far Cry 6 Season Pass. On PC, Season Pass holders will receive the original 2013 game.  In Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, players jump into a 1980s...

Far Cry 6’s Vaas DLC Isn’t Anything Remarkable, But Still Entertains

Platform(s): PC (version played), Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 Genre: Roguelite FPS feat. Far Cry's favourite crazy person When Ubisoft announced that its Far Cry key villains will be popping up in Far Cry 6 as new DLC with separate missions running on the new game's engine, I was pretty curious as to how the devs will pull it off. Since the...

Far Cry 6’s Vaas DLC Will Be Out Next Week

Far Cry 6's first DLC expansion, Vaas: Insanity, will be out later this month on 16th November. The DLC will put players in the shoes of Vaas Montenegro, the main bad guy of Far Cry 3. Michael Mando will be playing the role of Vaas yet again, with the game being a roguelike-style shooter with a new map and new gameplay system. Here's a back-of-t...

Far Cry 6 Gets A Surprising Crossover With A Popular Card Game

Mattel and Ubisoft have announced that The Call Of Yara, the latest DLC for the popular UNO video game is now available globally. Inspired by the tropical paradise island of Yara, The Call of Yara DLC will add a thrilling twist to the classic UNO game experience with new features and a new game mode. The Call of Yara is now available to purchase i...

Attention-Starved PETA Demands The Removal Of Far Cry 6 Cockfighting Minigame

The pretty extreme animal rights organization PETA are attempting to be in the spotlight yet again. Its target this time? Ubisoft. The group is calling on Ubisoft to remove the incredibly fictional cockfighting mini-game from Far Cry 6, saying that the in-game activity "glorifies cruelty". Here is PETA's actual quote: "Turning a horrific blood ...

Far Cry 6 Guide: All Criptograma Chest Locations

Throughout Far Cry 6's fictional explosions-filled paradise of Yara, you'll find locked puzzle boxes called Criptograma chests. To unlock these boxes, you need to find two charts per locked box to open them. With 15 chests scattered all across Yara, that's a lot of boxes to hunt down. Why go through the trouble, you may ask? These Criptogram...

Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons Location Guide

Far Cry 6 boasts a number of weapons you can customize in your open-world first-person guerilla warfare and liberation gameplay. Of course, most of them are well-hidden within the jungles and cityscapes of Yara. Most of the regular customizable weapons can be found in FND caches located in military-controlled zones; either that or can be purchas...

Far Cry 6 Starter Tips: How To Arm Yourself For Libertad

Far Cry 6 is out this week. And if you love yourself some high-polished Ubisoft open-world shooter gameplay, this one will impress. Here are some quick tips when you're starting out in Ubisoft's guerilla warfare gaming against Giancarlo Esposito villain archetype's army.. You Don't Really Need Soft Round Bullets Later On When you're gallivanti...

Does Far Cry 6 Put The Rev In Revolucion?

Platform(s): PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC Genre: FPS, Open-World At this point, the Far Cry franchise has been running for almost two decades now, but the open-world FPS formula has pretty much stayed the same. The series arguably reached its peak with 2012's Far Cry 3 (and its spinoff, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon) and Ubisoft has been...

Did Ubisoft Teased A New Far Cry Game Inside Far Cry 6?

Tons of Far Cry 6 videos showcasing the early parts of the game have popped up earlier this morning. From intro stages to even bizarre roided-up chicken levels, there's a lot going on in the game's fictional oppressed island of Yara and its fascist military vs guerilla army gameplay and storyline. What we didn't expect was a tease of an upcoming...

Far Cry 6 Soundtrack Is Now Available On Spotify & Other Platforms

Ubisoft has announced that the Far Cry 6 Original Game Soundtrack is now available worldwide on all major music streaming and download platforms. Composed by the award-winning Pedro Bromfman (Narcos, Robocop), the soundtrack breathes life into the tropical paradise of Far Cry 6 with each of its 21 tracks. Far Cry 6 (Original Game Soundtrack) |...

You Can Get Free Far Cry 6 With Your Shiny New AMD Radeon Laptops & PCs

Following last week’s announcement of the AMD Radeon Raise the Game Bundle, AMD is expanding the offer to include the ultra-high performance Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card. Beginning today, gamers that purchase a stand-alone Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card – including custom overclocked and liquid-cooled models from AMD board par...

Far Cry 6 Post-Launch Content Includes Crossover With Netflix’s Stranger Things

Ubisoft has unveiled the full Far Cry 6 post-launch plan. In addition to the Season Pass, which includes three DLC episodes where players will delve into the minds of legendary Far Cry villains, Far Cry 6 has revealed an extensive content roadmap to bring a steady stream of fresh content to the game following its release on 7 October 2021. With ...

Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021: All The Games

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest 2021 has concluded with the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021 live stream earlier today. The presentation featured new game announcements and updates from announced titles. Check them out below: The King Of Fighters XV The King Of Fighters XV will release for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X a...

Far Cry Is Getting New Comics, Books & Content

Today, Ubisoft revealed that the publishing line for Far Cry is significantly expanding ahead of the release of Far Cry 6. Through a new set of partnerships with leading publishers worldwide, fans of the franchise will be able to delve into new vibrant transmedia story content inspired by the bold FAR CRY survival fantasy universe and its compellin...

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