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New Dragon's Dogma 2 Gameplay Showcases Giant New Bosses & Trickster Vocation: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Prime Video's Fallout Series Unveils First Look At Awesome Power Armour Suits: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Zelda-Inspired Adventure RPG Faeland Enters Early Access In December: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here

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DNF Duel Is A Flashy & Fun Fantasy 2D Fighter That’s Missing Substance

Platform(s): PS4 (version played), PS5, PC Genre: 2D fighting game based on a Korean MMO that's influenced by Guilty Gear, now produced by the folks behind Guilty Gear It's amazing how DNF Duel, a fighting game based on the Korean MMO, is being handled by Arc System Works, given that the original Korean MMORPG it's

Korean MMO Elyon Launches In SEA Next Month

Elyon, the popular MMORPG game is coming to Southeast Asia in July 2022. Developed by South Korean developer Bluehole Inc. and published by PlayPark, the game features high-octane action, dynamic combat, and the freedom of character builds in a vibrant steampunk fantasy world. Players will get to dive into the land of

Ragnarok X Next Generation Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Attack On Titan Collaboration

On June 18th, 2022, Ragnarok X Next Generation will mark the 1-year Anniversary of its launch, a historic milestone for this beloved MMORPG. To celebrate this momentous occasion, ROX will be collaborating with the world-famous manga series Attack On Titan, where there will be plenty of exclusive prizes, accessories, an

World Of Warcraft Gets Dragon-Filled Expansion

Blizzard has announced the next World of Warcraft expansion. The MMORPG will be getting a new expansion called Dragonflight. The upcoming expansion will introduce a new combination race and class: the dracthyr Evokers. According to Blizzard president Mike Ybarra, the game's systems will be getting an overhaul. Full

The Next World of Warcraft Expansion Is Dragonflight

A new leak suggests that a new World of Warcraft expansion is in the works. While Blizzard announced that it has plans to make a major WoW announcement during 19 April, website Wowhead has reported on the upcoming expansion's leaked public source code. An update on the official WoW website had lines of code for the

The Fallout Writer Who Gave Dogmeat His Name In Fallout Has Died

Scott Bennie, the writer/producer/designer for Interplay's Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Fallout back in the day, has died due to pneumonia complications. He was 61, according to a recent Facebook page update. If you are not familiar with his name, you are most likely familiar with his writing and game design wo

DNF Duel Gets Second PlayStation Beta Test This April

Arc System Works' next anime fighting game is getting another beta test next month. DNF Duel, the 2D fighting game based on the hit South Korean MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online/Dungeon & Fighter, will be getting a second open beta test session for PS4 and PS5 users at the following times: Start Date: 2nd April

DNF Duel Release Date Announced; Female Mechanic Teased For Roster

Arc System Works not only revealed the last character in Guilty Gear Strive's Season 1 Pass, but also shared some news about its other fighting game DNF Duel, based on the hit MMORPG from Korea. DNF Duel finally has a set release date: 28 June 2022. The game will launch for PS4, PS5, and PC. In addition, Arc Syst

Lost Ark Is Being Played By 20 Million People Worldwide

Lost Ark, the free-to-play MMORPG from South Korea that's recently in English thanks to publisher Amazon, is the hotness right now. The game has topped 20 million players worldwide following its highly successful English language release. Within three days or so, the game had 4.7 million new players joining its comm

Lost Ark Bans Millions Of Players For Using Bots

Current hot stuff MMORPG Lost Ark seems to have a ton of bots playing the game, so it's only natural for developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon to start waving the banhammers. A month after its launch, Lost Ark has deployed a significantly large ban wave, removing "over a million" accounts for botting in a single

Two New Avatar Games Are Coming, the Element Bending Kind

Two games based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar the Last Airbender are in development, one of them being an RPG and the other being an MMORPG (via Avatar News). Avatar fans are in for a treat, as they’ll be able to step into the Avatar universe and hurl their own elements pretty soon. One of the ga

Final Fantasy XIV ‘s Next Update Will Overhaul Its Graphics, Also No NFTs

During a Final Fantasy XIV Letter to the Producer stream during the weekend, producer Naoki Yoshida talks about the 7.0 update. Basically, it'll be overhauling its graphics for the better. The livestream detailed the game's graphics overhaul with preparations for this running from 6.1 to 6.5. This will be increasing

Lost Ark 1-50 Leveling Guide: How To Speed Through The Game In 10 Hours

This guide is still under development... Lost Ark is out for PC right now, and it's got quite an endgame worth getting to, with Raids and special dungeons with loot galore. Of course, it'll take you a while to get there from level 1 to 50. Fortunately, there's a way to go through all of it within 10 hours or so.

Lost Ark Is Getting More European Servers To Help With Demand

Smilegate and Amazon Games' MMORPG Lost Ark is pretty popular right now, so much so that it's having trouble keeping up with demands. The game will introduce a new European server region to cope with demand following its massive launch. In case you didn't hear, Lost Ark reached 1.3 million peak players and is the se

Lost Ark Player Count Goes Over A Million, A Day After Launch

Update: Lost Ark numbers recently beat CS:GO and Dota 2's; the game is now the second-highest played game with peak player records with 1,325,305 players. Here's the latest ranking as of 13 February: PUBG: Battlegrounds – 3,257,248 Lost Ark – 1,325,305 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive â

How To Play Lost Ark If You’re In Malaysia & Southeast Asia

The pretty hyped-up action RPG MMO hybrid Lost Ark, a game from Smilebit and from South Korea, is coming out in English thanks to Amazon Games. The catch? It's only downloadable and available in North America and Europe. If you're residing in Malaysia, Singapore, or anywhere else in Southeast Asia, tough luck! Or

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What We Know So Far From The Nintendo Direct Reveal

2022 is a lovely time to be a JRPG fan, eh? With Triangle Strategy, a Front Mission remake, a Live A Live remake, a Chrono Cross remaster, and now a Xenoblade sequel slated for this year, we'll be busy on our Nintendo Switches that's for sure. The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 announcement was a lovely surprise, featuring

The Best Deals From The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2022

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Lunar New Year! Steam is coming in to take all your ang paos with the Steam Lunar New Year Sale that will run from January 27 to February 3. Here are our picks for the best deals and discounts so far during this auspicious Year of the Tiger: Arma 3 (RM29.75) Arma is often regarded as the

MapleStory M Celebrates the New Year with New Update

The newest update for MapleStory M will kick off new holiday events that include new dungeons for high-level players and better qualities of life changes. The latest update for the mobile MMORPG will bring in new themed events for the new year, which include two brand new dungeons for high-level players to dive into

Disney & Tencent Team Up To Make An Avatar MMO

Ubisoft isn't the only company handling the James Cameron's Avatar franchise in the game-making world. Disney and Tencent recently revealed Avatar: Reckoning, an upcoming MMORPG slated for iOS and Android. The game's developer is Archosaur Games. Here's a brief description of the game from the press release: "Av

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