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Nintendo Launch New Animation Studio Nintendo Pictures: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Halo Devs May Be Switching To Unreal Engine: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Roller Champions Dragon's Way Goes Live Tomorrow In A Free Update: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
San Francisco Shock Crush Titans to Win OWL Season 2 Grand Finals

The Runaway Finals Curse struck again as the Vancouver Titans crashed and burned at the last hurdle, this time to the unstoppable San Francisco Shock in the Overwatch League 2019 Grand Finals played earlier today. The Shock win was made even more impressive considering that they had to bounce back via the loser's bracket, having lost their opening...

Another Shock Retirement Hits the Overwatch League

If last week the Overwatch League was shocked by the unexpected retirement of a fan favorite who rocked Stage 1 with creative plays while on Zarya alongside his occasional Torbjorn picks,  the scene was again hit with the sudden departure of a fan favorite in the form of Dallas Fuel's Hyeon "EFFECT" Hwang. Announced via his official Facebo...

Major Movements Just Happened In the Overwatch League

As we head closer to Stage 2 of this season's Overwatch League, some major changes just took place as teams scramble to fill in gaps, revamp their lineup and aim for better results. There were management-level shuffling as well, including the departure of a much-loved player-turned-coach and tweaks amongst mid-tier teams. First up, and easily the ...

Here’s The Overwatch League Season 2, Stage 1 Playoff Brackets

The regular season portion for Stage 1 of Overwatch League Season 2 has come to and end and you know what that means: Stage Playoff time. After five weeks of non-stop GOATs action, the top eight teams in the league following the completion of seven matches are as follows: [caption id="attachment_21246" align="alignnone" width="2822"] Spurce: Ove...

Major Changes Coming to Overwatch League Next Season

As we head into the final week of Stage 1 for the second season of the Overwatch League which is currently plagued by the triple-tank-triple-healer meta a.k.a GOATS, a silver lining for viewers emerged in the form of how the league will operate come Season 3. As confirmed by league Commisioner Nate Nanzer, teams will play matches in their home citi...

Overwatch League Season 2 Report: Titans Go, Shanghai Finally Wins

As we complete week 2 of the matches, we get a better understanding as in where these teams stand in the grand scheme of things. How good are the Titans? Is the San Francisco Shock overrated? How's that for a first win, eh, Shanghai? Before we go any further, here are the full results of Week 2: Shanghai Cracks the Egg. But How Long til Win #2 C...

Overwatch League Season 2 Day-1 , Week 1 Predictions

The second season of the Overwatch League kicks off tomorrow morning with its Week 1 matches. Four matches will be played daily starting from tomorrow all the way til next Monday and will include all twenty teams , including eight new 'expansion franchises'. If you're still not up to date with where the teams stand in terms of strengths and their c...

If Overwatch League Franchises Were English Premier League Teams – Season 2 Edition

For Season 2 of the Overwatch League, we are previewing the franchises a bit differently from any other video games/ esports news outlets. Resuming our post last year where we paired the twelve Overwatch League franchises with their English Premier League counterparts, we have an easier (or perhaps tougher) task this year with twenty teams competin...

Overwatch League: Tanks on the Move as Boston Lose their Main Tank While XQC Returns to the Pro Scene

Two huge transfer news happened today in pro Overwatch as Boston Uprising lost their charismatic main tank, Youngjin 'Gamsu' Noh who moved over to the Shanghai Dragons; We are thrilled to announce that Youngjin “Gamsu” Noh is joining the Shanghai Dragons.#ShanghaiDragons #breakthrough pic.twitter.com/T8Fkaus4zq — Shanghai Dragon...

Here’s How You Can Buy The 2019 Season Overwatch League Jerseys

What better way to show your allegiances and rep your team than wearing your team colours with pride, right? The same goes for esports teams and if you've been following the Overwatch League, you'd be pleased to know that new merchandise for the upcoming second season is finally available. Following their newest partnership with US-based sports ap...

Overwatch League: Season 2 Opens With Cracking Matchups

Hang tight boys. We are in for a treat. Literally picking up where they left us, Season 2 of the Overwatch League will kick off with a repeat of Season 1's Grand Finals with the Philadelphia Fusion facing the London Spitfire on February 14th 2019 (that's February 15th 8am for us in Asia). Next up we have the new-look Boston Uprising against table...

Overwatch League: Catch the 2019 Season Preview Live Later This Week

Hyped for Overwatch League Season 2? Can't wait until 2019? You're in luck, Overwatch fans, because Blizzard will be holding an Overwatch League Watchpoint Season Preview show, live later this week. The Overwatch League 2019 season preview will show us our first look at the opening week schedule for the upcoming new season, which will officially...

Overwatch League: Musical Chairs In Full Swing as Fuel & Shock Acquire New Players

The Overwatch League player musical chairs continues as two DPS mains switched teams earlier today. First up is Nam-joo "Striker" Kwon who left Boston Uprising to beef up the Korean contingent at San Francisco Shock. Joining his Korean compatriots in Architect, ChoiHyoBin, smurf, Viol2t and Rascal in San Francisco, Striker's departure was an ...

Secret’s Out: Vancouver Announces Official Name, Roster

In one of the worst kept secret in pro Overwatch - after Monte dating Susie Kim of course - Vancouver finally unveiled their roster for the upcoming Overwatch League season by announcing that they have scooped up the full roster of Contenders Korea Season 2 winners, RunAway. Also revealed were their official team name; Vancouver Titans and team col...

Overwatch League: Hangzhou Reveal Name & Colors + Tease for Possible Roster?

It's finally coming true. At least we hope it is. When Team Hangzhou revealed their official name for Season 2 of the Overwatch League, it wasn't their name that grabbed the attention. It was the color they are set to be sporting - hot pink! We are Hangzhou Spark! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧* pic.twitter.com/yq63oaseQw —...

Overwatch League: Guangzhou Charge First of Three New Chinese Teams To Unveil Branding

Sidetrack: Chengdu Hunters just posted their first tweet welcoming Guangzhou Charge. Love the name. Looking forward to the logo! Hi Guangzhou!!😃 — Chengdu Hunters (@ChengduHunters) November 9, 2018 They decided to call themselves the Charge, and rightly so, led the charge in unveiling their official names and colors. Fir...

Overwatch League: Atlanta & Toronto – Same Colors, Two Totally Different Philosophies

A few days back, two new Overwatch League franchises, Toronto Defiant and Atlanta Reign unveiled their official names and colors. Many would point out how their decisions to go with red and black is akin to school kids copying each other's work without making it so obvious. But the similarities stop there. Upon revealing their rosters - or at lea...

Overwatch League: What’s Next for the Shanghai Dragons?

When Shanghai Dragons (SHD) announced their SHD 3.0 lineup, my eyes rolled thinking, "Not another Korean team!". Initially, I told my editor that I can't write on this news without sounding biased but I was told to just write it up, with substantial reasoning. So I sifted through facts and figures of the players and the teams. Surprise, surprise! S...

Overwatch League: Atlanta & Toronto Reveal Official Names and Colors

Two new cities. Two new franchises. Two new names. Two colors. As opposed to Team Paris' roster reveal a few days earlier, two new Overwatch League franchises went the opposite direction in their announcements; revealing their official names and colors but not a hint of the players who will be representing them. The team based out of Atlanta will b...

Overwatch League: Shanghai Boost Ranks As Paris Reveals Roster

In a bid to break their winless streak, the Shanghai Dragons who recently culled its entire roster welcomed six new players who they hope are to deliver that elusive win come Season 2 of the Overwatch League. 🐲Announcement🐲 Please give your warmest welcome to the following for joining the @ShanghaiDragons ! Min-seong "diem" Bae, Jin...

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