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Keanu Reeves Is Shadow In Sonic The Hedgehog 3: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // A New LEGO Tie Interceptor Screams Into Action On Star Wars Day 2024: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Is Coming Back To Malaysian Cinemas On Star Wars Day: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Borderlands 3, One Of Our Favourite Shooters Of 2019, Is On Sale This Month

Unsurprisingly, I am still finding time and excuses to continuously play Borderlands 3, be it for new Anointed gear that's level 53, or just to hang out with online friends who just want to literally "shoot the s***". This latest offer for one of 2019's best loot-and-shooter games should entice you to pick it up if you haven't. Epic Games Store, P...

Borderlands 3’s Newest Gun Is A Riff On A Popular Destiny Weapon

If you've played the first Destiny, you'd probably enjoyed using the popular Exotic pulse rifle Bad Juju. With a high rate of fire and a special perk where it reloads instantly and gets a nice damage buff after each kill, it's a highly coveted weapon that somehow went absent in part two, only to come back again. Gearbox decides to take a shot at t...

Here’s How To Participate In Destiny 2’s Game2Give Charity Event

Starting from 24 October to 10 November 2019, Bungie will be hosting their inaugural charity event, Game2Give, in Destiny 2. You can take part by either do a fundraising stream or be becoming a viewer of one of those streams. There are in-game exclusive rewards for both streamers and viewers. For those of you who plan to just watch the streams, yo...

Gearbox Celebrates Borderlands Anniversary With Borderlands 3 Loot Fiesta

Gearbox is feeling generous this October as it will be showering Borderlands 3 players with high loot drop rates and a ton of bonuses in lieu of the series' 10 year anniversary. For the next five weeks, Gearbox will be hosting theme weeks featuring a different kind of reward. Right now from 1st to 8th October, Boss Week is live. Certain bosses wil...

Here’s A Complete List Of Legendary Weapons In Borderlands 3

This feature is still under development because there are way too many guns to keep track of. So good job, Gearbox! Guns, guns, and more guns. That's the real reason we all play Borderlands 3, to satiate our endless hunger for a collection of firearms to grow unhealthily attached to. A reddit user by the name of zafrostpet has taken the initiativ...

Borderlands 3’s FL4K Skill Tree Revealed; Features Pets & Pain

Who likes them some damage-dealing pet class? Then FL4K is for you. This bot lets you take control of the baddest beasties from Gearbox's loot-and-shoot RPG and have them act as AI companions whom you can occasionally sic onto people. Thanks to this Borderlands 3 video from Joltzdude139, we have the skill tree lowdown on the final member of the ...

Destiny 2 IS Moving To Steam; Permanently Leaving Battle Net

In the past few months, some people have been saying that Bungie is eventually going to widen their Destiny 2 PC audience by making the game available on either Steam or the Epic Games Store. News have arrived confirming that it's the former. An official announcement from Bungie states that Destiny 2 PC is moving to Steam on 1 October 2019. Howeve...

Anthem’s Cataclysm Expansion Is Now Live, 3 Months Too Late

It's finally here. Anthem's long awaited potentially game-saving expansion Cataclysm has gone live. The expansion comes with new story missions, Cataclysm-themed events, and more tweaks and fixes. For now, it's too early to say whether or not the update will redeem Bioware's looter shooter but for everyone who owns the game, it's definitely a good...

Is China’s Convallaria The Next Big Looter Shooter?

The age of looter shooters and battle royale games are far from over. In the former's case, a new Asian contender is about to enter the match. Convallaria is an upcoming multiplayer third-person shooter being developed by Chinese studio Loong Force. A new gameplay trailer debuted at ChinaJoy 2019. Check it out here: [youtube https://www.youtube.c...

The Next Destiny 2 Seasonal Event Comes With New Legendary Gear And More

Bungie has recently announced the next seasonal event for Destiny 2. Beginning on 30 July and lasting until 27 August 2019, the Solstice of Heroes limited-time event will feature a host of interesting features and new gear. Get ready, Guardians. On each day of the event, players can collect Elemental Orbs corresponding to the element of that speci...

We’re Getting Borderlands 2 DLC That Ties Into Borderlands 3

Update: it's confirmed. This DLC is available for Borderlands 2 Handsome Collection owners for free from now until 9th July. The DLC will then cost you US$14.99.  There's still some life left in that 7-year old Borderlands 2 engine, if this leak is of any indication. According to a recent tweet from RobotBrush, the game will be getting a new p...

Why Is Division 2’s New Raid Unimaginably Tough For Console Players?

When Ubisoft released the new raid for their top-notch looter-shooter, The Division 2, PC players had a blast, completing the raid within hours of the raid's release. The four-boss raid was tough for PC players, but it was nearly impossible for console players. It took console players three days before a single completion of Operation Dark Hours. ...

14 Things We Learned In Borderlands 3’s Gameplay Premiere [Update]

After checking out that sweet Borderlands 3 gameplay during the Gearbox Software event, it's safe to say that loot-and-shoot fans will have a heckaton of fun with the game when it's out 13 September. So what's new and what's welcome? What can we expect from this co-op shooter? A lot, actually. Let's break it down. You're dealing with an all-new th...

Borderlands 3 Will Have 25 Times More Gun Sounds Than Part 2

As touted on its reveal trailer, the upcoming loot-and-shoot action RPG Borderlands 3 will have 45 bajillion guns (or more), which includes guns that cut down enemies while insulting their pride, guns that fire volcanoes, and guns that deal radiation damage. Said guns will be noisy, and according to Gearbox Software senior sound designer Joshua Dav...

What I Really Want From Borderlands 3

After seeing a couple of wishlists for Borderlands 3 from certain big-named publications, I came to one conclusion. These people do not know what the flying f*** they're talking about. I came across another conclusion: the editors set these features live because of the amount of controversy it would generate from more gamer-savvy video makers and...

Playing The Up-Rezzed Borderlands Reminds Me Of A More Innocent Time

I've spent hours traipsing through the cold bits of Pandora yet again since 10 years ago, gunning down heavy-shielded Vault protectors and Crimson Lance soldiers of varying bad-assness in glorious 4K and Ultra graphic settings. And then it just dawned onto me; I didn't turn on my network settings in-game. Within 10 years, the loot-and-shoot genre t...

Witness Steam’s New Review-Bomb Filter In Action

The recent Epic Games Store exclusivity debacle has surely caught the attention of gamers worldwide. Twitter has even accused Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney of duplicity. Being angry gamers, they decided to take matters into their own hands by review bombing the hell out of the Borderlands 2 Steam store page, resulting with more than a thousand negati...

The Internet Responds To Borderlands 3 Getting Epic Store Exclusivity

We reported earlier this week that the PC version of Borderlands 3 is an Epic Store exclusive (for 6 months) following Epic Games CEO's quest to buy exclusives. Twenty-four hours later, the internet bombs the Borderlands games with negative reviews to protest this move. Here's a breakdown over what happened from 4 to 5 April: Borderlands 2 on St...

Gearbox & 2K Games Confirms Borderlands 3’s 13 September Release Date; Also PC Epic Store Exclusive

It's official: Borderlands 3 is coming out 13 September for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We've already suspected it, given the copious amount of leaks yesterday. The PC version will be Epic Store-exclusive; it'll be out in other storefronts on April 2020. The release date trailer also confirmed the names and abilities of the new Vault Hunters. To refres...

Borderlands 3: What We Know So Far

Following that innocuous tweet from Gearbox Software after all the mess its CEO Randy Pitchford went through, it seems the original loot-and-shoot action RPG Borderlands is making a comeback. Whether it's going to be a sequel or a giant-ass remastered collection of parts 1 and 2, we'll never know until the company's PAX East 2019 panel on 28 March...

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