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Community Gets A Movie, 6 Seasons Later: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Goat Simulator 3 Is Coming To Fortnite: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Callisto Protocol Stars Karen Fukuhara From The Boys: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
How Pokémon Legends: Arceus Refreshes The Age-Old Formula

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is living up to be the most different game in the series, with many changes that you can just notice at a glance. Recent entries to the Pokemon series were faced with criticisms for being too samey, with love for the game seemingly fading out but the new features emerging from the tall grass are looking to reinvigorate th...

New Palworld Trailer Shows Off Minigun Toting Totoro

The latest trailer for Pokémon-esque game Palworld showcases various features that make it stand out from its influences, such as guns, base building, and monster fusions. When Palworld was first announced, it took the internet by storm and for good reason. Its first trailer showed off a simple premise, another run off the mill Pokémon ...

This VR Horror Game Binds You To A Wheelchair

A new VR horror game will be heading to Steam that has a unique twist on its own. Indie game developers ALIEN Studio will be releasing a horror VR game called Deadness on Steam VR. Here's the twist: you’re wheelchair-bound. Deadness takes you on a journey where you find yourself confined to a wheelchair in a gloomy old research facility, ...

Apex Legends’ Anniversary Update Adds Familiar Face and New Game Mode

Apex Legends’ latest season is called Defiance and will bring a familiar face to the Apex Games along with new changes to the Olympus map and a new mode. Seasons come and go for Apex Legends but to celebrate their third anniversary, the upcoming season titled Defiance seeks to be a special one. The newest update will bring a familiar face...

Razer’s Latest Collaboration Brings Us Sanrio Themed Gear

The latest Razer collaboration will introduce a new line of Sanrio themed gear, bringing Hello Kitty and her friends to be a part of your gaming setup. Razer recently announced that they will be collaborating with the global lifestyle brand Sanrio to release the Hello Kitty and Friends collection. In case you didn’t know, Hello Kitty is o...

Hidden Deep Plays Like a Fleshed Out Flash Game and Nothing More

Platform(s): PC (version reviewed), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Genre: 2D side-scrolling survival horror shooter in caves Hidden Deep has all the pretty bells and whistles that would’ve blown my mind if it was a flash game that came out 10 years ago, when flash games were my only access to games at the time. Despite that, a lack of depth i...

Godzilla’s Monsterverse To Hit The Small Screen On Apple TV+

Our favourite kaiju will be crashing his way into Apple’s streaming service with the next instalment of the Monsterverse universe, set after the 2021 film Godzilla Vs Kong. Kaiju fans rejoice as Godzilla and his Titan buddies will be returning with the announcement of a new Monsterverse series, under Apple TV+, which is still yet to have ...

This Game Lets You Play As A COVID-19 Vaccine

Korean developed 3D platformer, Nineteen, offers a bizarre take on the Covid-19 pandemic by allowing you to play as the vaccine, which is available right now. Developed by PLAYCASTLE, their newest game Nineteen launches today and offers a 3D platformer experience unlike any other: You play as the COVID-19 vaccine. Previously being early access, ...

MapleStory M Celebrates the New Year with New Update

The newest update for MapleStory M will kick off new holiday events that include new dungeons for high-level players and better qualities of life changes. The latest update for the mobile MMORPG will bring in new themed events for the new year, which include two brand new dungeons for high-level players to dive into. This update adds two dungeon...

Free Fire Illuminates the Meta with New Patch Update

Garena has recently announced the new patch update called Illuminate, which will bring in a new weapon, a new map, and more adjustments to the meta. The Illuminate update for both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX will bring a shiny new weapon to the hands of players in the form of the Charge Buster. The new update also adds in a new map, Alpine, for ...

Assassin’s Creed Leaps into the World of Free Fire

Garena has announced that Free Fire’s latest event will be a crossover between the hit Ubisoft stab-happy franchise, Assassin’s Creed. Ready your hoods and hidden blades, the Assassin Brotherhood will be making their way into the world of Free Fire in their next crossover event. The crossover is set to launch in March later this ye...

Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) to Launch E-Testing Driving Simulations

Malaysia's driving license body is going to embrace the future with eDriving. Malaysia's Road Transport Department (JPJ/Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) is aiming to launch a new automated “e-testing” system that can collect driving test results immediately, which is expected to be implemented in April this year. In a press conference, JP...

My Hero Academia Texas Smashes Into The Battle Royale Genre

A new My Hero Academia free-to-play battle royale was recently announced as My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble, along with the announcement for its beta. The debut trailer for My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble was recently released and showcases a new addition to the battle royale genre, but with a Plus Ultra twist. The gameplay revealed the game to be a...

Free Fire World Series Tournament To Be Held In Singapore

Garena has announced that Free Fire World Series (FFWS) will take place in Sentosa, Singapore, in May later this year. It will be an offline tournament. The play-ins for the tournament will take place on 14 May 2022, with the finals happening on 21 May 2022. FFWS will bring in 22 teams from across 13 regions for the opportunity to be crowned Fre...

Classic SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighter Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch

The classic 23-year-old Neo Geo Pocket game, SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters’ Clash is now available for download on the Nintendo Switch. First released all the way back in 1999, the classic game SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters’ Clash is making a return on the Nintendo Switch and is available for purchase right now on the Nintendo eShop. O...

Rugby 22 Gameplay Reveal Shows Off Tactical Matches & Improvements

Nacon and Eko Software have released their gameplay reveal trailer for Rugby 22, showing tactical gameplay along with other new features such as improved AI, new training modes and a new control system. Rugby fans better huddle up and get ready for the next entry into the sports simulation series in Rugby 22. The new gameplay reveal shows off ma...

This New Zowie Gaming Monitor Can Improve Your Aiming; Here’s How

BenQ's Zowie has launched their latest ZOWIE XL-K generation gaming monitor with the new XL2746K with specs that are said to improve your aim. The question of whether your gaming rig is a factor in your skills has always been a debate between gamers, but Zowie’s latest gaming monitor aims to give a final answer. Enter the new XL2746K monito...

Malaysia’s Yoodoo To Host PUBG Team Finals Local Watch Party

Looking to watch the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Grand Finals with friends? Yoodoo will be holding an offline watch party to support their own team, Yoodo Alliance 4Rivals. In honour of their own team, Yoodo Alliance 4Rivals competing in the Grand Finals, Yoodo will be throwing a special offline viewing event so we can catch all the c...

Huawei Unveils New Flagship and Foldable Phone

Huawei has announced their next flagship phone, the Huawei P50 Pro, along with the unveiling of their take on the foldable smartphone, the P50 Pocket. In a press junket held at Sunway Convention Centre, the announcement of the next flagship model was revealed as the Huawei P50 Pro, which is being marketed to break the boundaries of phone photogr...

Malaysian Brothers Dominate In First Ever SEA Sim Racing Tournament

Two Malaysian brothers left people in the dust as they dominated the first-ever sim racing tournament at the South East Asian eSports Championships (SEA EC), winning in both the Individual and Team Competitions. Held in IUEM eRacing by RaceRoom, the brother duo led off the line for the individual competition in Race 1. Naquib Azlan forged ahead ...

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